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Untitled Goose Game (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.1.2 Update

Untitled Goose Game SWITCH ROM - The sun is shining in the village, but unfortunately, you are a terrible goose. This game is a slapstick stealth sandbox where you get to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting town.

App Name Untitled Goose Game
Genres Action, Indie, Puzzle
Realese Year 2019
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.1.2
Language Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Required Firmware 16.0.3
File Size 795MB

Untitled Goose Game The sun is shining in the village, but unfortunately, you are a terrible goose. This game is a slapstick stealth sandbox where you get to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting town. Travel from people’s backyards to the village green and even to the high street shops, causing mischief, stealing hats, honking excessively, and making everyone’s day miserable.

The game features a terrible goose (that’s you), a town full of people who are just trying to get through their day (who you despise), and a dedicated honk button that you can press as much as you like. But wait, there’s more! Two terrible geese are now available in a new two-player cooperative mode.

Untitled Goose Game

With double the honking power, you and a friend can play through the entire game as two horrible geese, teaming up to plan pranks and make everyone’s day even worse. This update is free for all Untitled Goose Game owners and includes a new goose with a new honk, and each player can use a single Joy-Con™ for added convenience.

This game is a 2019 puzzle stealth game developed by House House and published by Panic Inc. Players control a goose who bothers the inhabitants of an English village. Players must use the goose’s abilities to manipulate objects and non-player characters to complete objectives. It was released for macOS, Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Untitled Goose Game

The idea for Untitled Goose Game originated from a stock photograph of a goose that a House House employee posted in the company’s internal communications. Inspired by Super Mario 64 and the Hitman series, House House worked on combining stealth mechanics with a lack of violence to create humorous in-game scenarios. The game’s unusual name came from a last-minute decision in preparing the title as an entry for a games festival.

The music, curated by composer Dan Golding, uses short clips from six of Claude Debussy’s Préludes. It has been described as “reactive music” because the clips are played after certain actions. The game was released on macOS, Nintendo Switch, and Windows on 20 September 2019, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 17 December 2019.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game received positive reviews, with critics praising its gameplay and humor. The game received the D.I.C.E. Award for Game of the Year and Game Developers Choice Award for Game of the Year, among other accolades. Dan Golding was nominated for an ARIA award for the music. By the end of 2019, Untitled Goose Game had sold more than a million copies.

It’s a lovely day in the village, and you are a horrible goose. Make your way around town, from people’s back gardens to the high street shops to the village green, setting up pranks, stealing hats, honking a lot, and generally ruining everyone’s day.

Untitled Goose Game


Set in a quiet English village, the game follows a domestic goose controlled by the player that can honk, duck down, run, flap its wings, and grab objects with its beak to bother villagers. The village is split up into multiple areas, each of which has a “to-do” list of objectives, such as stealing certain objects or tricking humans into doing specific things. When enough of these objectives are completed, the goose is allowed to move on to the next area. After completing four areas, the goose enters a miniature model of the village.

There, the goose steals a golden bell before going back through the previous areas while the villagers try to stop it. The goose deposits the bell into a ditch full of several other bells. There are several hidden optional objectives, many of which require traversing multiple areas or completing an area within a time limit. Completing all the optional objectives rewards players with a crown for the goose to wear. A cooperative local multiplayer option, added in an update, allows a second player to control a second goose, both geese trying to accomplish the goals together.

Untitled Goose Game


Oh dear! Two horrible geese! You can now enjoy Untitled Goose Game with a friend, in a new two-player cooperative mode. Play through the whole game as two horrible geese, honking twice as much, teaming up to plan pranks, and generally ruining everyone’s day, together.

  • A horrible goose (that’s you).
  • A town full of people just trying to get on with their day
    (you hate them).
  • A dedicated honk button (!!!)
  • A free update for all owners of Untitled Goose Game.
  • Play through the entire game with two players.
  • New goose, new honk, still horrible.
  • Single Joy-Con™ support for each player.

Untitled Goose Game (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.1.2 Update Download


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