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Pokémon Quest (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.1.0 Update + All DLCs

Pokémon Quest SWITCH ROM - Embark on thrilling adventures in the game. Join forces with your Pokémon companions to explore Tumblecube Island, seeking treasures in this free-to-play action-adventure designed for the Nintendo Switch™ system.

App Name Pokémon™ Quest
Genres Adventure, Strategy
Realese Year 2018
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.1.0
Language Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Required Firmware 13.1.0
File Size 221MB

Pokémon Quest Embark on thrilling adventures in the game. Join forces with your Pokémon companions to explore Tumblecube Island, seeking treasures in this free-to-play action-adventure designed for the Nintendo Switch™ system. Enhance your Pokémon companions using the Power Stones you discover to assemble your ultimate expedition squad. This is a free-to-play action-adventure game in the Pokémon series developed by Game Freak. It was released for the Nintendo Switch in May 2018 and for Android and iOS in June 2018. Within a week of its release, it had reached over 7.5 million downloads.

Pokémon Quest


Pokémon Quest features a blocky, voxel-style design similar to Minecraft. The game is set in Tumblecube Island, featuring a cube-shaped Pokémon called “Pokéxel”. The Pokémon featured in the game are from the original lineup from the Kanto region in Pokémon Red and Blue. In the game, players control the base camp and the Pokémon team. The player’s main task is to complete all the levels on the island, beating the wild Pokémon. The game process can be divided into four parts: base camp management, going on expeditions, training and optimizing Pokémon, and attracting new Pokémon.

Pokémon Quest


Set off for adventure in the Pokémon™ Quest game. Venture out with your Pokémon buddies on expeditions across Tumblecube Island in search of loot in this free-to-start action-adventure for the Nintendo Switch™ system. Modify your Pokémon buddies with discovered Power Stones to make your ultimate expedition team. With a cube-shaped art style, Pokémon™ Quest is unlike any Pokémon game you’ve seen before.

The simple gameplay makes it easy to hop into expeditions and start exploring Tumblecube Island with the help of your Pokémon buddies. Afterwards, head back to your base camp where you can use the loot you found during your adventure to befriend more Pokémon. Attract various Kanto Region Pokémon to your base camp by cooking up dishes made with collected ingredients! You can even decorate your base camp with fun items that provide helpful bonuses that make your expeditions more beneficial.

Pokémon Quest


The base camp helps the player progress in the game. Players can prepare dishes to attract new Pokémon, set up decorations for various effects, and receive new Pokémon that visit the campsite once every 22 hours. There is also a Poké Mart that allows the player to purchase DLC Packs, Decorations, and Box Expansions. Players can also claim 50 PM Tickets (the game’s currency) every 22 hours, where the amount a player receives can increase with the purchase of DLC Packs. PM Tickets are used to purchase Decorations and Box Expansions, as well as instantly complete a dish and recharge the energy for Expeditions.

Pokémon Quest


The player’s team needs to clear the island from wild Pokémon. To do this, players need to go through 12 locations, each with 3 to 7 levels. For each level, players can bring up to three Pokémon with them. Pokémon can not only attack but also use special attacking or defensive moves. In total, the game has 167 unique movesets distributed in such a way that each Pokémon has from 2 to 11 special moves. After using a special move the Pokémon needs to wait a few seconds (depending on the move used) to restore it. During this time it can only use normal attacks. Each level’s completion opens access to the next level in the location.

Pokémon Quest


Players can attract new Pokémon by preparing food. For this, there is a cooking pot in the base camp. Depending on the ingredients, one of the 18 possible dishes will be cooked. Different dishes call on Pokémon of different types. Ingredients are obtained primarily from expeditions, but they can also be obtained from recycling unused Power Stones. Ingredients are classified by their color, hardness, type, and rarity. Rarer Pokémon are attracted to dishes that use rare ingredients. The cooking pot used determines the bonus stats and the level of Pokémon that it attracts, where the better the pot used the more ingredients it has to use to cook.

Pokémon Quest


Pokémon can level up by going on expeditions or through training. Training a Pokémon uses other Pokémon to gain experience and once the training is done, the support Pokémon will leave. A player can also train their Pokémon to replace the Pokémon’s current moveset, using other Pokémon as support Pokémon. If the player uses the same species or the same type of Pokémon as the support Pokémon, the amount of experience gained and the chances of changing a move is increased compared to using random Pokémon as support Pokémon. However, the experience gained and the chances of changing the moveset decrease after every training done on the Pokémon.

Each Pokémon has its own Power Charms, where special stones called “Power Stones” can be inserted to increase the Pokémon’s stats. Mighty Stones increase attack and Sturdy Stones increase the HP. The stones can be put into the Pokémon’s Power Stone slots. These stones may also contain special effects that improve various stats such as Movement Speed or Critical Hit Rate. Other than the Mighty Stones and Sturdy Stones, special kinds of rare stones can be put onto the slots next to the move of the Pokémon. These stones can give the moves further advantages towards their use. It is also noted that certain moves can equip certain types of special stones.

Pokémon Quest (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.1.0 Update + All DLCs Download


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