OKAMI HD SWITCH ROM – Experience the critically acclaimed masterpiece with its renowned Sumi-e ink art style in breathtaking high resolution.

Genres Adventure
Realese Year 2018
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.0.0
Language English, French, German, Japanese
Required Firmware 5.0.2
File Size 9GB

OKAMI HD – Enjoy this world-famous work of art, which is known for its exquisite Sumi-e ink art style, in stunning high resolution. Assume the character of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who has metamorphosed into the legendary white wolf Shiranui. Apply magic powers, attacks, and Celestial Brush tactics to bring back the land of Nippon to the former state, which was full of life and color.

Not only can you play in both widescreen and the original 4:3 aspect ratio, but this is now possible with the Joy-Con (in TV mode/tabletop mode) or touch screen (in portable mode) for easy, direct Celestial Brush controls.



The player controls the main character, Amaterasu, in a woodcut, watercolor style, cel-shaded environment, which looks like an animated Japanese ink illustration (known as ink wash painting, or sumi-e) and ukiyo-e, along with other styles of art. The gameplay style is a mix of action, platform, and puzzle gaming genres, and has been noted by many reviewers to have numerous similarities in overall gameplay style to The Legend of Zelda series, an inspiration that director Hideki Kamiya, a self-proclaimed Zelda fan, has admitted has influenced his general game design.

The main story is primarily linear, directed by Amaterasu’s guide Issun, though numerous side quests and optional activities allow players to explore the game world and take the story at their own pace. By completing quests, side quests, and small additional activities (such as making trees bloom into life or feeding wild animals), Amaterasu earns Praise, which can then be spent to increase various statistics of the character, such as the amount of health and number of ink wells for Celestial Brush techniques.


Combat is staged in a ghostly virtual arena, and Amaterasu can fight enemies using a combination of weapons, fighting techniques, and Brush methods to dispatch the foes. At the end of combat, money (as yen) is rewarded to Amaterasu, with bonuses for completing a battle quickly and without taking damage. The money can be spent at merchants and dojos across the land, featuring healing goods, better weapons, tools, key items for completing quests, and combat techniques.

Rare Demon Fangs can be earned through combat which can be traded for unique items that are beneficial in gameplay but not required to complete the game. Weapons inspired by the Imperial Regalia of Japan (the Reflector, the Rosaries, and the Glaive) can be equipped on Amaterasu as either main or sub-weapons (one each) and used in addition to other melee attacks that the player can have Amaterasu learn through the course of the game.



The game is set in Nippon (Japan) and it is based on Japanese folklore, beginning one hundred years in the past. A narrator describes how the white wolf Shiranui and swordsman Nagi fought and sealed the eight-headed demon Orochi at the cave, to save Kamiki Village and Nagi’s beloved maiden Nami.

In the game’s present, Nagi’s descendant and self-proclaimed greatest warrior, Susano, refuses to believe in Nagi’s legend and frees Orochi, who escapes and curses the lands, sapping the life from Nippon. Sakuya, the wood sprite and guardian of Kamiki Village, summons the long-dormant Amaterasu in the form of a reincarnated Shiranui and asks her to remove the curse that covers the land. Accompanied by the artist Issun (an inch-high creature known as a Poncle), Amaterasu begins to restore the lands to a normal state.



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