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Mugen Souls Z (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.1 Update

Mugen Souls Z SWITCH ROM - This game is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Compile Heart in collaboration with GCREST and published in North America and the PAL regions by NIS America.

App Name Mugen Souls Z
Genres Role-Playing
Realese Year 2023
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.0.1
Language English
Required Firmware 16.1.0
File Size 6GB

Mugen Souls Z is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Compile Heart in collaboration with GCREST and published in North America and the PAL regions by NIS America. Certain aspects of the original Western release were edited and some mini-games were disabled.

A sequel titled Mugen Souls Z was released on April 25, 2013. A Nintendo Switch port, published by Eastasiasoft, was released in April 2023, with all of the content uncensored. Mugen Souls Z will also receive an uncensored version from Eastasiasoft in September 2023. Chou-Chou and her diverse team are back on a mission to conquer the twelve Zodiac realms and thwart an ancient danger!

Mugen Souls Z

The undisputed deity, Chou-Chou, embarks on a fresh adventure, aiming to dominate the twelve Zodiac realms with both old and new allies. This cherished sequel to Mugen Souls boasts expansive, open battlefields in a tactical turn-based combat system, an imposing level cap of 9999, and the capacity to inflict billions of hit points worth of damage! As Chou-Chou, you can beguile foes into becoming shampuru minions, modify the appearance and abilities of your party members, forge new peons, and more!

Navigating between dimensions aboard their spacefaring vessel, the G-Castle, Chou-Chou, and her crew must collaborate with the new ultimate goddess, Syrma, to vanquish an ancient malevolence that has recently reawakened. Traverse vast worlds teeming with environmental challenges, engage in skirmishes with enemy vessels, and encounter a plethora of unforgettable characters, all rendered in the beloved anime-style “moe” aesthetic that fans adore!

Mugen Souls Z


When the player comes in contact with an enemy on the field or during an event, the battle starts. Each character’s turn is gauged by their AP, or Action Points. Normal attacks and items consume AP until the points run out, after which the character’s turn ends. Each character is also assigned SP, or Skill Points, for performing skills or activating HDD (Hard Drive Divinity) in the case of the CPUs (Console Patron Units, the goddesses) or the CPU Candidates. Skills vary in range, effect, and attack power.

One skill can be used per turn, after which the character’s turn ends, regardless of the current AP remaining. HDD requires 100 SP to activate. This is done by using the HDD ON command, and once activated, the character will regularly consume SP until it runs out, after which the character will revert. Up to 100 SP can also be carried in between battles. Movement is gauged by a blue circle around the character. This marks the area within which the controlled character may move.

Mugen Souls Z

Certain normal moves may shorten this circle, limiting further movement. The turn order of the battle is controlled by the Agility stat. The higher a character’s Agility, the sooner their turn will come. The command menu is used for performing various actions. The character may perform normal attacks, use skills, activate HDD (only CPUs and CPU Candidates), or end their turn. They may also switch between standby characters using AP and SP, escape from unscripted battles (dependent on Luck stat), or use items.

As in the first game, draining an enemy’s GP, or Guard Points, forces that target into Guard Break mode. In this state, the defense stat and resistance of the target are significantly reduced until the enemy’s GP completely recovers. GP depletes faster when a Break attack is used. Normal combos can be edited by inserting extra commands. These commands appear after the first normal attack.

Mugen Souls Z

Normal combos branch off into three types: Rush, Heavy Hits, and Break. Rush attacks usually involve high hit counts. Heavy Hits usually deplete enemy HP faster. Break attacks usually deplete enemy GP faster. By executing certain commands in specific patterns and consuming a set amount of AP, a combo finisher called an EX Finish is performed. The type of EX Finish is usually related to the command used to execute it.

Status conditions can affect combat. Whenever a target is affected by Poison, they continuously receive 1/16th of their max health in damage. Likewise, Heal continuously recovers 1/16th of their max health instead. When affected by Skillseal, Skills are disabled. When affected by Paralysis, the character is immobile and their turn is skipped. When a CPU or CPU Candidate is affected by a Virus, the HDD ON command becomes locked, and if the target is in HDD, they forcibly revert.

Mugen Souls Z

The main protagonist of Mugen Souls, Chou-Chou, plans to conquer the universe by subjugating the seven worlds it comprises, as she thinks the planets look pretty. Traveling from world to world with her trusty companion Altis, and loyal peon Ryuto, Chou-Chou aims to turn the heroes and demon lords of each world into her ‘peons’ (servants), saving the world from conflict in the process. Chou-Chou and her assorted group are back on a mission to prevail over the twelve Zodiac domains and upset an antiquated danger!

The undisputed divinity, Chou-Chou, sets out on a new enterprise, pointing to overwhelm the twelve Zodiac domains with both ancient and modern partners. This cherished continuation to Mugen Souls gloats broad, open front lines in a strategic turn-based combat framework, a forcing level cap of 9999, and the capacity to inflict billions of hit points worth of harm! As Chou-Chou, you’ll bewilder enemies into getting shampuru flunkies, alter the appearance and capacities of your party individuals, manufacture unused peons, and more!

Mugen Souls Z


  • Conquer twelve dynamic worlds and safeguard the universe from an age-old menace!
  • Battle monsters on expansive, free-roaming battlegrounds and subdue them as your loyal servants.
  • Unleash awe-inspiring combos alongside your comrades!
  • Fashion unique peons through the customization of body parts, visages, and occupational classes.
  • Revel in the captivating anime-style “moe” aesthetics and remastered high-definition visuals!

Mugen Souls Z (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.1 Update Download


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