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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.9.589692 Update + All DLCs

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle SWITCH ROM - Experience a collision of two beloved worlds. The peaceful Mushroom Kingdom is disrupted by a mysterious vortex that transports mischievous Rabbids into its once-serene landscape.

App Name Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle
Genres Adventure, Strategy
Realese Year 2017
Image Format NSP, XCI
Region USA
Latest Version 1.9.589692
Language Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish
Required Firmware 5.1.0
File Size 2GB

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Experience a collision of two beloved worlds. The peaceful Mushroom Kingdom is disrupted by a mysterious vortex that transports mischievous Rabbids into its once-serene landscape. To bring back peace and order, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi must team up with a new squad: four heroic Rabbids! Together, they must fight through four worlds filled with puzzles, combat, and unexpected adversaries using an arsenal of weapons. This is also an action-adventure turn-based tactics video game developed by Ubisoft Milan and Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft for the Nintendo Switch video game console. The game is a crossover between Nintendo’s Mario and Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise. In Kingdom Battle, the story follows Mario, his friends, and a group of Rabbids who try to save the Mushroom Kingdom from invading Rabbids who accidentally misuse a powerful invention and begin to wreak havoc.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


The gameplay follows Mario and a cast of other Mario and Rabbids characters of the player’s choosing, including Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and four other Rabbids dressed up as respective Mario characters with exaggerated personalities. They are guided by a small robot named Beep-0. The campaign story mode is split up into four unique locations, or “worlds”, each of which has a linear path to completion. In each world, some puzzles must be completed for progression, or give weapons and collectibles when solved. When a world is completed, Beep-0 learns a new ability to solve puzzles. Two unique weapons can be unlocked by connecting the console to any one of several Amiibo figurines.

If the team comes across territory inhabited by enemy Rabbids, a battle will commence. While the goal of each battle is usually to defeat every enemy on the field, some levels have a fixed objective, such as escorting a Toad to the end of the stage. The level is completed if all enemies are defeated or the fixed objective is satisfied; the player loses when all characters run out of health or fail to meet their goal. Before a battle, the player can choose to change their current selection of characters and weaponry; three out of eight playable characters can fight in a battle (Mario and at least one Rabbid being required), and each fighter can be equipped with weapons, each one dealing different amounts of damage or causing certain special effects that hinder the opponent.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Battles are turn-based, and each character can perform up to three different options: they can move to a new location, with each character having a set distance they can travel; they can use a weapon, and have two choices of attack that vary per player; or they can use a special effect, with each character having different abilities that vary in function. If a player moves to a location where they are obscured by the enemy, the enemy’s accuracy changes based on the cover’s effectiveness. Characters also have movement abilities, where they can dash into an enemy to deal damage or be boosted by another character to travel a further distance.

Some weapons have special effects; for example, the player can shoot a glob of honey at the enemy to restrict them from moving temporarily or shoot an ignited bullet to burn an opponent and send them running around in a random direction in panic. Special effects also vary, such as a healing effect that restores some health to other characters, or a hypnosis effect that draws enemies towards the character that used it. Levels are divided into chapters, and each chapter usually contains three levels. When a chapter is completed, characters receive coins and “Skill Orbs”, which can also be found by exploring the overworld, with greater rewards earned clearing battles within a certain number of turns with all characters intact. Skill Orbs can be used in each character’s skill tree to grant them new abilities or increase stats such as health or movement distance. Coins can be used to purchase new weaponry and items.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


A young inventor and avid fan of the Mario franchise invents a device known as the SupaMerge, a headset that can merge any two objects into a single entity, with the help of her virtual robot assistant Beep-0. Upon testing it, it successfully merges two items, but overheats. While the inventor is out of the room, a group of Rabbids arrive in their Time Washing Machine and begin to cause chaos and play with her belongings, annoying Beep-0. One of them puts on the SupaMerge and starts causing chaos, merging some of the Rabbids with various items in the room. While having fun with the SupaMerge, its beam accidentally hits the Time Washing Machine and causes it to malfunction, sucking everything in the room into an interdimensional vortex along with a Mario poster.

A vortex appears above the Mushroom Kingdom during the unveiling of a large statue of Princess Peach and sucks up everyone, including Mario and his friends. They and the Rabbids are thrown across the Mushroom Kingdom along with the now-gigantic objects from the room. Beep-0, now a physical entity with Rabbid ears and teeth and has gained the ability to speak, discovers that the SupaMerge has fused itself with the Rabbid wearing it, who uncontrollably creates more chaos by accidentally merging some of the Rabbids with more objects. Beep-0 is nearly hit by the now-giant Time Washing Machine, but Mario saves him as it crash-lands near Peach’s castle. While the recently merged Rabbids become hostile (due to the SupaMerge’s power now being corrupted), Mario and Beep-0 encounter two merged Rabbids who are not: Rabbid Luigi and Rabbid Peach. Aided by a mysterious email contact known only as F.B., who provides them with weapons, abilities, and advice, the four join forces to put a stop to the chaos.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

As Mario’s team travels across the Mushroom Kingdom, defeating and freeing the corrupted Rabbids while also encountering allies like Princess Peach, Luigi, Rabbid Mario, Yoshi, and Rabbid Yoshi, Bowser Jr. comes across the Rabbid fused to the SupaMerge, which he nicknames Spawny, and uses him to cause even more chaos. Resolving to recover Spawny so they can undo the damage he has caused, the team eventually learns that a malevolent entity known as the Megabug is behind the mysterious vortex–presumably created by the SupaMerge–which grows more powerful as they defeat more of the corrupted Rabbids.  Mario’s group recovers Spawny from Bowser Jr., only for him to get kidnapped by the Megabug, which has now assumed the form of a dragon, and become part of it, making the Megabug gain the abilities of the SupaMerge.

The Megabug creates more corrupted Rabbids and merges with Bowser, who had just returned from his vacation, and possesses and corrupts him, to create “MegaDragonBowser” and battles the heroes. Mario and his team defeat the Megabug, saving both Bowser and Spawny. As peace returns to the Mushroom Kingdom and all the Rabbids are restored to normal, the group celebrates by replacing the new statue of Princess Peach (which had been destroyed by the vortex) with Rabbid Peach instead. Meanwhile, Beep-0 realizes that F.B. is his future self, Future Beep-0, and uses the Time Washing Machine to help his comrades in the past by sending the same emails, weapons, and abilities that his future self sent to his past self.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


During the events of the game, Rabbid Kong, one of the merged Rabbids, fiddles with the Time Washing Machine after some Rabbids attempt to escort him home following his defeat, causing him, Rabbid Peach, and Beep-0 to be transported to the Donkey Kong universe after getting close to the machine when Rabbid Peach decides to charge her phone on it. Spawny and Bowser Jr. see this, with Spawny accidentally and unintentionally firing the SupaMerge energy into the Time Washing Machine before it teleports, causing the washing machine’s water and the Rabbids who get sucked in it to be merged with some objects and get corrupted. They are marooned on Donkey Kong Island, and the machine is severely damaged.

To get back to the Mushroom Kingdom, the two must find the machine’s missing parts and reassemble it. After being attacked by the native islanders, they are saved by Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky, who are both transported to the island by the machine at the beginning of the game and agree to help. Rabbid Kong and the corrupted Rabbids crash-land in a temple and Rabbid Kong ends up becoming corrupted by a “Bad Banana”, a banana contaminated with the Megabug’s energy (created by Spawny’s beam) oozing from the Time Washing Machine’s water and becomes more powerful, turning him into Mega Rabbid Kong. Seeking revenge against Rabbid Peach for his previous defeat, he starts a banana racketeering operation on the island to create more Bad Bananas to corrupt more Rabbids and take over the island.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The group fights Mega Rabbid Kong’s forces of tropical versions of the enemies they fought in the main game, destroys all the Bad Bananas they can find, and defeats a pair of powerful corrupted Rabbids working for Mega Rabbid Kong to obtain the keys to Mega Rabbid Kong’s lair. Shortly after arriving, the trio defeats Mega Rabbid Kong in two final battles, the first one in his lair, which is then destroyed by the corrupted water exploding, and then again when they chase him to the coast, draining his powers and undoing the effects of the Megabug and the Bad Bananas on the island, restoring Rabbid Kong and all the Rabbids and bananas on the island. Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Kong make amends and the latter helps them rebuild the Time Washing Machine, sending it, Rabbid Peach, and Beep-0 back to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the post-credits scene, the inventor from the prologue returns and discovers Rabbid Peach’s photos of the island, which somehow ended up in her room.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.9.589692 Update + All DLCs Download


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