LUMINES REMASTERED SWITCH ROM - This game is the ninth installment of the Lumines music puzzle game series. Lumines Remastered is a remake of the original Lumines game (released more than 13 years ago), with some changes.

Genres Arcade, Lifestyle, Party, Puzzle
Realese Year 2018
Image Format NSP, XCI
Region USA
Latest Version 1.1.5
Language English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Required Firmware 9.1.0
File Size 748MB

LUMINES REMASTERED is the ninth installment of the Lumines music puzzle game series. Lumines Remastered is a remake of the original Lumines game (released more than 13 years ago), with some changes. It was developed by Resonair and published by Enhance. This game is a puzzle video game series developed by Q Entertainment.

The core objective of the games is to survive by rotating and aligning 2×2 blocks varying between two colors to form 2×2 squares of a single color which will be erased when the Time Line passes over them. The game is lost when the blocks reach the top of the playing field. The series was initially conceived when Tetsuya Mizuguchi heard about the PlayStation Portable and wanted to develop a game for it.


Since the original release, several sequels have been developed and released for multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile phone, iOS, and Android. The series has received many positive reviews and awards with the original receiving the highest review score ratings and the majority of the awards.

This game is for Nintendo Switch! This acclaimed creation by Tetsuya Mizuguchi fuses sound, light, and puzzle action flawlessly. Engage in addictive gameplay that’s both captivating and accessible. Immerse yourself in the heart-pumping action of dropping blocks, all while grooving to incredible beats of house, trance, and techno! Whether you’re in Handheld, TV, or Tabletop mode, LUMINES REMASTERED delivers a dynamic experience.


Dive into a world of audio bliss: Explore 40+ electronic-themed skins, ranging from serene to exhilarating. Unleash the new Shuffle mode to effortlessly switch between skins like a music playlist. Embrace the challenge: With faster tempos, your combo-making time diminishes, while slower tunes risk uncleared stacks.

Prepare to be enthralled. Discover the joy of play: Conquer all skins and avatars, compete against friends in local 2-player mode, or climb the ranks of online leaderboards. Feel the rhythm: Activate Trance Vibration and synchronize multiple Joy-Con controllers to experience pulsating bass vibrations throughout your body.



Lumines is a block-dropping game that seems at first similar to Columns and Tetris. The game is made up of a 16×10 grid playing field. A sequence of 2×2 blocks varying between two colors falls from the top of the playing field. When part of a falling block hits an obstruction, the remaining portion will split off and continue to fall. A vertical “Time Line” sweeps through the playing field from left to right. When a group of 2×2 blocks of the same color is created on the playing field, it creates a “colored square”.

When the Time Line passes through it, the colored square will disappear and points are added to the player’s overall score. If the colored square is created in the middle of the Time Line, the Time Line will only take half of the colored square and no points will be awarded. Certain blocks with gems are known as “special blocks” and if are used to create colored squares, they will allow all individual adjacent blocks of the same color to be eliminated by the Time Line. In some games in the series, the special block is replaced with the “chain block”, which connects to all adjacent blocks, regardless if a square is created.


The games feature background skins, which change the appearance of the visuals and blocks, and contain a different music track and sound effects. Skins are unlocked by progressing through the different game modes. Skins have different Time Line speeds, depending on the track’s tempo. This can affect the gameplay; faster Time Lines make it more difficult to create large combos, and slower Time Lines may cause the playing field to fill while waiting for the Time Line to erase squares. The objective is to rotate and align the blocks in such a way as to create colored squares.

Increasing score multipliers are earned by repeatedly clearing 3~4 squares (depending on the game) on consecutive Time Line sweeps. Score bonuses are also awarded by reducing all remaining tiles to one single color or by removing all non-active tiles from the screen altogether. Multiple colored squares of the same color can be shared between a single geometric shape. For example, if one should get a 2×3 area of matching blocks, the middle portion will “share” itself with both the left and right halves and create two colored squares. The player loses when the blocks pile up to the top of the grid.

LUMINES REMASTERED (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.1.5 Update Download


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