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Kirby Fighters 2 (NSP, XCI) ROM

Kirby Fighters 2 SWITCH ROM - Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby: Select from a roster of Kirby’s most iconic copy abilities, including the all-new Wrestler skill, and compete to be the last Kirby standing.

App Name Kirby Fighters™ 2
Genres Fighting
Realese Year 2020
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.0.0
Language Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Required Firmware 10.1.0
File Size 1GB

Kirby Fighters 2 Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby: Select from a roster of Kirby’s most iconic copy abilities, including the all-new Wrestler skill, and compete to be the last Kirby standing. Well-known allies and adversaries like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede are also playable characters. This is a 2020 fighting game for the Nintendo Switch and is the direct sequel to Kirby Fighters Deluxe. Developed by HAL Laboratory and Vanpool and published by Nintendo, the game features characters and assets from the Kirby franchise and uses the Super Kirby Clash game engine. The game was released worldwide in September 2020 but was accidentally leaked on the Play Nintendo website.

Kirby Fighters 2


Kirby Fighters 2 is a platform fighting game for up to four players from the Kirby series through local and online networks. Each player can choose an ability based on copy abilities from prior Kirby games, as well as a new ability called Wrestler Kirby, and each comes with a different move set.

While most characters are different variants of Kirby, additional characters such as King Dedede and Meta Knight are playable as well. Kirby Fighters 2 is a fighting game where Kirbys with Copy Abilities, as well as Buddy characters, battle. The game contains a multitude of items, along with on-stage hazards and bosses in some stages.

Kirby Fighters 2

The player can choose from eighteen different Copy Abilities in this game, along with five other characters; these include the same twelve abilities that were featured in Kirby Fighters Deluxe. These must be unlocked by raising the player’s Fighters Rank. Additional stages, Story Items, and Rare Hats can also be unlocked by raising the fighter rank.

If the player has data from Kirby Star Allies on the system, a Francisca-style Rare Beam Hat, a Flamberge-style Rare Sword Hat, and a Zan Partizanne-style Rare Staff Hat will be unlocked. If the player has data from Super Kirby Clash on the system, a rare Hero Sword Hat will be unlocked.

Kirby Fighters 2


Meta Knight and King Dedede have seemingly united to challenge Kirby in a buddy gauntlet! Fight alongside a buddy (whether a player or computer-controlled) to conquer the tower. Choose beneficial items between rounds to boost your strength as you ascend.

Kirby Fighters 2


Up to four players can engage on the same system, using local wireless or online* play! Select either a free-for-all or team battle and tailor the rules to your preferences. Each playable ability and character boasts a unique playstyle and moveset. Abilities such as Cutter and Archer excel at long-range attacks, whereas Wrestler and Fighter thrive in close combat. Other characters like Gooey and Bandana Waddle Dee bring various moves from past Kirby games. Experiment with them all to discover and master your favorite.

Accumulate Fighter Points as you play to advance your Fighter Rank and unlock new abilities, characters, stages, and more. You’ll even obtain Rare Hats that alter the appearance of specific copy abilities—seeing Cutter Kirby with a mohawk is a visual treat. When you’re not battling friends or scaling the tower in Story Mode, Single-Handed Mode offers a one-player time trial featuring nine consecutive battles! It’s perfect for honing your skills or earning Fighter Points. Players with save data from Kirby Star Allies can acquire Rare Hats for the Three Mage Sisters, and those with save data from Super Kirby Clash can obtain a Rare Hat for Sword Kirby.

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