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Hello Neighbor 2 (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.1 Update + All DLCs

Hello Neighbor 2 SWITCH ROM - A stealth horror game, that challenges you to unveil the eerie mysteries of your creepy neighbor. As a journalist on the Neighbor’s case, your quest sets you apart from others who dare not tread.

App Name Hello Neighbor 2
Genres Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Realese Year 2022
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.1
Language Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Required Firmware 15.0.1
File Size 3GB

Hello Neighbor 2 (formerly Hello Guest, and its prototype codename Late Night Shift) is a stealth horror thriller game from the Hello Neighbor game series. It was released on December 6th, 2022 to mixed reception, with praise directed at the visuals and criticism towards the story, gameplay, and various technical issues. The game has since seen multiple, ongoing content updates, aiming to improve all aspects of the game. In Hello Neighbor 2, you play as a local journalist named Quentin. He is suspicious of his creepy neighbor, Mr. Peterson.

A bunch of people have gone missing and there’s just something strange about Mr. Peterson. Everyone is afraid of him. There have been rumors of children going to his house and never being heard from again. Some say he likes to lock people up in his basement, but no one has any proof. So people just try to avoid Mr. Peterson, his odd house, and ignore the strange sounds coming from his basement at night. You have a feeling that Mr. Peterson is behind all the neighborhood disappearances, but no one believes in your ideas and theories. And while you normally wouldn’t break into someone’s house, you’re the only one who believes something is wrong and has the guts to uncover the truth.

Hello Neighbor 2

This game was revealed as part of an ARG that tinyBuild had mixed in with Secret Neighbor. To solve the ARG, the community had to complete in-game events (Secret Neighbor Mayak Event) and piece together codes until on June 13, 2020, Alpha 1 of Hello Guest was released. Later on July 23, 2020, tinyBuild renamed Hello Guest to Hello Neighbor 2, and on that same day, Alpha 1 of Hello Neighbor 2 was released. In October 2020, tinyBuild revealed Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5 would be released that month, with Halloween-related events, more stories, and a revamped ending and intro.

It was released as planned on Monday, October 26th along with the Secret Neighbor Halloween Update. On April 7th, 2022, pre-orders for Hello Neighbor 2 went live. The Standard edition Pre-Order came only with the Beta and the Release on December 6th. The Deluxe edition Pre-Order came with the Exclusive Beta, as well as the Back to School, Late Fees, and Hello-Copter DLCs. It also came with Early Access to the full game, which was unlocked on December 1, 2022. Hello Neighbor 2 went through many developmental iterations, many of which were released publicly. A list of all Hello Neighbor 2 versions is documented here.

Hello Neighbor 2


Not everything is as it seems in Raven Brooks. Picking up directly after the events of the original game, the police show up at Mr Peterson’s house — where he had kids locked up in his basement. As Quentin, an investigative journalist, you sneak into crime scenes and people’s houses to find clues and evidence. It’s up to you to piece this puzzle together. Building upon the formula of Hello Neighbor 1, you play in a larger open world with multiple houses inhabited by suspicious characters.

  • Sneak into suspicious characters’ houses, because that’s what investigative journalists do.
  • The town of Raven Brooks is your playground, with AI-driven residents inhabiting its houses.
  • Track down Mr Peterson – the infamous creepy Neighbor.

Hello Neighbor 2


The game opens with Quentin arriving in the town of Raven Brooks, stopping for a moment to make a note in his journal about the cases he’s come to investigate. After a brief coffee-cup transition, Quentin is now in front of the Peterson household at night, trying to spy for anything suspicious. He comes across Imbir hiding in a bush, before the sounds of a struggle catch Quentin’s attention – the sounds coming from none other than Mr. Peterson, struggling to drag Aaron Peterson back inside. Quentin snaps a few photos as evidence, but not without Mr. Peterson noticing before seemingly disappearing back into his house.

As soon as he left, however, Mr. Peterson stepped back outside with a shovel in hand, menacingly walking towards Quentin. Quentin fumbles with his keys and manages to escape just as Mr. Peterson smashes his window open. Quentin is seemingly home free, until the Guest appears in the middle of the road, startling Quentin and sending his van hurtling into the wall of a nearby barn. Quentin manages to survive the accident and escapes the barn, but Mr. Peterson is waiting outside and knocks Quentin out with a shovel, stealing his camera in the process.

Hello Neighbor 2

The next morning, Quentin mysteriously wakes up in the nearby Raven Brooks Banner office, one of the rooms having been converted into a bedroom. He finds his head mysteriously bandaged, right before the CCTV system suddenly fires on as a strange clicking noise is heard outside the window. Investigating the CCTV system, Quentin discovers that the police have arrived at the Peterson household, with Peterson himself nowhere to be found. Curious, Quentin decides to go out and investigate. At the Peterson household, Quentin finds it to be guarded by a large, mustached cop named Keith Nielsen, who attempts to guard whatever lies behind the strangely locked-up basement door.

After a little bit of puzzle-solving, Quentin manages to break into the basement. Within, he finds sheets, toys, and a newspaper clipping about the closing of the local Raven Brooks Museum. Underneath the newspaper clipping is a red key, which opens up the cellar door to the basement. When Quentin leaves, however, he is hit by a paper airplane made from one of Aaron’s missing posters. Said paper airplane contains a cry for help written on the back, with a trail of even more airplanes leading Quentin directly to the Museum.

Hello Neighbor 2

Inside the Museum, however, Quentin finds that the door to the museum’s inside has been locked shut by a strange lock, as well as a misplaced shovel sitting by the entrance. When Quentin grabs the shovel, he suddenly begins to feel dizzy and passes out on the floor – before seemingly waking back up in the Banner, at nighttime. However, the light seemingly won’t turn on, and something is outside. Quentin grabs a flashlight to investigate before a loud bang on the door startles him and causes him to drop the flashlight. Quentin frantically tries to grab the flashlight from under the bed as the pounding grows more intense, eventually looking under the bed – only to find Mr. Peterson waiting, jumping out to grab him.

However, Quentin then proceeds to wake back up in the Banner as usual, revealing the previous Banner sequence to have been some sort of nightmare. As Quentin gets back up, he notices that the CCTV footage has changed to display an interaction between Nielsen and the local baker, Gerda. Suspicious, Quentin decides to head to the Bakery to investigate. Yet again, he finds Gerda’s bakery to be rigged with various puzzles, designed to protect the code to her register. Said code opens the register, to reveal that Gerda had one of the Museum keys.

Hello Neighbor 2

Returning to the Museum that night, Quentin opens the entrance with the Bakery key and is greeted by none other than Mr. Peterson once again. Mr. Peterson had moved into the Museum after Quentin arrived, now hiding out from the Police attempting to find him. Within the Museum, Quentin discovers strange paintings and artifacts that depict people wearing black feathered robes and white, crow-like masks, as well as an attic door that has been protected by three missing taxidermy heads. Upon further exploration, Quentin finds the key to the bedroom and inside lies a Peterson family photo that Quentin picks up.

When Quentin picks up the family photo, however, he is suddenly launched into another nightmare. This time, he finds himself on the other end of the camera, photographing Aaron and Mr. Peterson standing in front of the Peterson household. Suddenly, dark clouds begin to form in the sky as Quentin notices another plea for help scrawled across Aaron’s shirt as the boy begins to cry. As the rain begins to pour, Mr. Peterson grabs Aaron and begins to drag him off into the house, with Quentin attempting to follow suit through the raging storm. However, before he can reach them, a bright flash of lighting throws Quentin off his feet and catapults him back into his bed.

Hello Neighbor 2 (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.1 Update + All DLCs Download


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