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Freedom Planet 2 NSP, XCI ROM + v1.2.5r Update

Freedom Planet 2 SWITCH ROM - Return to the vibrant world of Avalice to battle an ancient threat in the long-awaited sequel to the surprise indie action-platformer hit, Freedom Planet.

App Name Freedom Planet 2
Genres Action, Adventure, Platformer
Realese Year 2024
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.2.5r
Language Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Required Firmware 17.0.1
File Size 1GB

Freedom Planet 2: Return to the vibrant world of Avalice to battle an ancient threat in the long-awaited sequel to the surprise indie action-platformer hit, Freedom Planet. In the years since the events of the original game, our three heroines have refined their signature abilities, making them more formidable than ever before. Take advantage of Lilac’s speed with her Dragon Boost, reach new heights with Carol’s Jump Disc or motorcycle, or take a more measured approach with Milla’s shield.

And the all-new playable character Neera won’t be left out in the cold, as she can use her powerful Frost Arts to punish foes. Like its predecessor, this high-speed platforming adventure delivers exhilarating momentum-based action but advances the formula with new gameplay systems and enhancements. With 24 expertly designed stages, an ambitiously expanded Adventure mode, retro-but-refined 2D visuals, and the addition of the highly requested Boss Rush mode, Freedom Planet 2 is the indie darling grown up to become a true platforming power.

Freedom Planet 2


After the final battle with Brevon results in the shattering of the Kingdom Stone, a crystal prison in the depths of the ocean is destroyed and an enraged water dragon emerges. Three years later, Sash Lilac and Carol Tea are clearing the remaining rampant robots of Brevon’s invasion from the valley surrounding their tree house, but the house itself is destroyed.

Deciding to stay at Milla’s place for the night, all three of them are approached by Lieutenant Neera Li, who summons them to an audience with the Royal Magister of Shang Tu. Once in the palace, they are informed that the recent attacks are being organized and Shang Tu requires assistance to discover their origins, the trio obliges with Neera joining them and acting as their liaison with the Magister.

Freedom Planet 2

Their missions include stopping a sky pirate attack on Shang Tu’s museum led by Carol’s older sister Corazon and her engineer Aaa saving the Pangu drone, participating in Shang Mu’s Battlesphere and recruiting its champion Captain Kalaw, and helping King Dail of Shuigang with the remnants of Brevon’s army led by General Serpentine, receiving assistance from Sergeant Askal of Shang Tu’s army along the way and retrieving the Syntax drone. Afterward, the heroes find out that Mayor Zao is kidnapped and held hostage in Shang Mu’s Globe Opera, with the kidnapper revealing herself to be the water dragon Merga, a centurion from the deadliest war of Avalice, who demands Pangu activate the spaceship Bakunawa in exchange for Zao’s life.

With the help of Captain Kalaw, the heroes decide to fool Merga with Syntax, but once there, they realize that Corazon, Aaa, and Kalaw are in league with Merga and distract them so Merga can invade Shang Tu with ease. Once in Shang Tu, the heroes learn that Askal is also an insider of Merga who seeks punishment on the Magister, who is revealed to be a young earth dragon. The heroes face Merga, who accuses the Magister’s kind of murder of her own, but are overwhelmed and forced to retreat.

Freedom Planet 2

The heroes along with the Magister and General Gong decide to take refuge in Shang Mu’s city hall, where Lilac confronts the Magister about Merga’s accusations. During dinner time, the Magister explains that Merga was created during Shang Tu’s war with Parusa and that his ancestors sealed her away with the power of the Kingdom Stone and the stone’s destruction set her free. While the Magister searches Mayor Zao’s library for information about Merga and the water dragons, Carol runs away into Parusa to dissuade Corazon from following Merga, with her friends following her with Zao’s help and meeting Spade, who offers them help on behalf of his brother Dail.

With Spade serving as mission control, Lilac, Milla and Neera resolve numerous crises across the island such as a war between Serpentine’s and Aaa’s robots over Syntax, with the former using its code black and control the latter’s army and forcing the heroes to team up with the tarsier and snatch Syntax for themselves. After that, they proceed to destroy several beacons across the island set up by Captain Kalaw while also ruining his reputation and diverting the magma of the island’s volcano from destroying its population after fighting Askal.

Freedom Planet 2

During their missions, the heroes come across many clues, such as time capsules recorded by the earth dragon princess Cordelia who was a hostage of the water dragons but came to sympathize with them and bond with Merga, further clearing the history of the planet and the war, such as the earth dragons being aliens who came to the planet with their ship Bakunawa and enslaved its “ocean-dwellers” by genetically modifying them into the water dragons.

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