DRAGON BALL FighterZ (NSP, XCI) ROM + v01.33 Update + All DLCs

DRAGON BALL FighterZ SWITCH ROM - Embodies the beloved essence of the DRAGON BALL series: thrilling, non-stop battles featuring its formidable fighters. Developed in collaboration with Arc System Works, this game boasts high-end Anime graphics and fighting gameplay that’s easy to pick up but hard to perfect.

Genres Action, Fighting
Realese Year 2018
Image Format NSP, XCI
Region USA
Latest Version 01.33
Language Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Required Firmware 16.0.3
File Size 6GB

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is a 2.5D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Based on the Dragon Ball franchise, it was released for the PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, in most regions in January 2018, and in Japan the following month, and was released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch in September 2018. Versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are also in the works along with an update adding rollback netcode for these versions and Windows. The Unreal engine and the skillful Arc System Works team bring to life the stunning visuals of DRAGON BALL FighterZ. With 3vs3 Tag/Support, players can create their ultimate team and hone their skills to execute lightning-fast tag combinations.



The gameplay is inspired by concepts from several other fighting games. Namely, the control scheme and team mechanics are lifted from the Marvel vs. Capcom series and the overall presentation is reminiscent of other Arc System Works games, with the recent one being Guilty Gear Xrd, due to this game utilizing the same video game engine that was used in Arc System Works’ first 2.5D game, the Unreal Engine. Players each select three characters to form a team, from an initial roster of characters from the Dragon Ball franchise. One character is controlled and can be switched with one of the other characters at any time. Players can also call one of their other characters to perform an “Assist” move, allowing simultaneous attacks and combos with the entire team.

All three characters on the same team must be defeated for a player to win the game. If neither team has been defeated before the time runs out, the team that has sustained the least damage overall wins. In addition to the unique moves of each character, players have several universal moves available. With the “Vanish Attack”, the player can expend Ki to instantly teleport behind an opponent’s character and strike them in the back. This has multiple uses, from bypassing enemy projectiles to moving quickly around the stage or extending a combo. The “Dragon Rush” move can break through an opponent’s guard and if successful, offers a choice between an aerial combo or forcing the opponent to switch to a different character.


The “Super Dash” flying attack will hone in on the opponent’s lead character and can pass through weaker projectiles. Lastly, players can “Ki Charge” to manually increase their Ki gauge, similar to previous Dragon Ball fighting games. The game includes several other features, such as the “Shenron System”, which allows players to gather the Dragon Balls one by one as the fight progresses. A random Dragon Ball will be given to a player who successfully performs a light auto combo. Specific Dragon Balls can be obtained by successfully performing a multi-hit combo, with the amount of hits determining which ball is given. Once all seven are assembled and a player performs a light auto combo with maximum Ki, Shenron appears to grant a wish and allows players to choose one among the following benefits: give the fighter a second Sparkling Blast, revive a fallen ally, recover a fighter’s health or regenerate health for the rest of the match.

Another feature is the “Dramatic Moments”, special cutscenes that appear at the start and the end of a fight depending on the characters involved and stage, related to events from the Dragon Ball series, which can be applied after using the Standing Hard normal attack or Vanish (as of Season 2) as the finisher/combo ender. Season 3 allows players to choose three different Assist types before the match. Also in the said season, Sparkling Blast properties and its time limit are enhanced even further if one of the player’s team members is down. Dragon Ball FighterZ features a ranking system in both its arcade mode as well as in online multiplayer, where players increase their rank with subsequent wins.



The base roster includes 21 playable characters, with 3 additional characters being unlockable through gameplay and a further 20 being released as paid downloadable content (DLC) via a series of “FighterZ Passes” for a total of 44. Android 21 is a new character original to the game, designed by series creator Akira Toriyama.


The game takes place sometime between the “Universe 6” and the “Future Trunks” saga of Dragon Ball Super. The game’s main antagonist, Android 21 (or later, her evil half), was a normal female human who eventually became an Android created by the Red Ribbon Army after her son became the model for Android 16. Once she awakens, she repairs 16 and uses the Dragon Balls to resurrect Frieza, Cell, Nappa, and the Ginyu Force, and seals away the powers and souls of all of Earth’s strongest warriors. Wanting to control the hungry monster within her, she and 16 develop a linking system created by Dr. Gero in which a human soul (the player) can possess the warriors and provide them strength.



The player possesses Goku and awakens next to Bulma, who asks him to confront the Earth’s current crisis. Clones of the other fighters and villains have been appearing and the other Z Warriors are nowhere to be seen. After confronting the resurrected 16, Beerus and Whis arrive to explain the soul’s link to Goku but assert to both Goku and Bulma that they are not getting involved since they are deities. Goku and Bulma leave to try and find 16 and the other Z warriors. Goku rescues Krillin, and they battle Cell who appears to have knocked out 18 and endangered an unknown woman. The woman claims to be a Red Ribbon scientist and informs them that they need to find the base emitting the power-suppressing waves to restore their abilities.

The reunited Z Fighters eventually confront 16, where he explains that the Red Ribbon Army’s current leader, Android 21, is behind everything. The scientist Goku and Krillin saved from Cell earlier arrives and reveals herself to be Android 21. She destroys 16 for his betrayal and knocks out Goku when he tries to follow her. The player then possesses Cell’s body and battles 21 before returning to Goku’s body again. 21 devours the resurrected villains and decides to wait for Goku and his friends to grow stronger. Goku brings her and the other Z Fighters to the Sacred World of the Kai to protect Earth from the fight. With their combined power, Goku and the Z Fighters obliterate 21. Which expresses his disappointment over the unanswered questions about Android 21.



16 implants the player’s soul within the recently revived Frieza, much to the tyrant’s ire. Frieza recruits the resurrected Nappa, Ginyu Force, and Cell to battle the clones and eventually confront the true culprit: Android 21. 21 forces the villains to battle and defeat Android 18. Goku and Krillin arrive while she pretends to be an innocent bystander to pit the heroes and villains against each other. The player prevents Frieza from killing Goku and the villains explain the situation to the heroes. Goku suggests that the two sides join forces to stop 21, and the villains reluctantly agree.

The villains aid Goku in rescuing the Z Fighters to fight 21, who destroys 16 after discovering his betrayal. Frieza suggests to the group that they strengthen their link with the player to gain back more of their power and defeat more clones as they’re the source of 21’s strength. After killing the final clone, they defeat Android 21 and use Bulma’s machine to help Goku, Frieza, and Cell obliterate her for good. Following her destruction, everyone’s powers are restored and Frieza expels the player from his body as the heroes and villains start fighting each other anew.



Android 16 kidnaps Android 18 and implants the player’s soul within her. He requests 21 and the player’s help in combating the clones created by the Red Ribbon Army. 21 becomes increasingly unstable after each battle, but 16 refuses to explain her condition to 17 and 18. When Krillin finds the androids, 21 forces 18 to fight Krillin and nearly kills him, but the player links with 21 and discovers two beings within her body. 16 takes 18 to a lab and explains that the cells that created Android 21 may be going berserk and that he used the link system to stop her from going mad. The androids are eventually confronted by Cell, who has regained most of his original power.

21 transforms into her temporarily purified Majin form to protect the androids but succumbs to her corrupted half’s hunger again. She unintentionally kills 16 while she is struggling with her inner demon, causing her good and evil personas to split into two separate beings. Evil 21 devours Cell and the control of the power suppressor, drastically increasing her strength. Goku and Krillin rescue the androids and recruit them to combat Evil 21. The Z-Fighters battle Evil 21 for the last time on the Sacred World of the Kai. Once the fighters discover Evil 21’s extraordinary regenerative capabilities, Goku attacks her with a Spirit Bomb. When Evil 21 starts resisting the attack, Good 21 pushes her into it, killing them both. Goku plans to request 21’s reincarnation from King Yemma and to help the player return their original body.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ (NSP, XCI) ROM + v01.33 Update + All DLCs Download


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