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Devil May Cry 2 SWITCH ROM - Dance with the Devil Get ready to once again dance with the devil in this highly-anticipated sequel to Devil May Cry. Set some time after the events of the first game, this new installment introduces even more moves to Dante’s already impressive arsenal of weapons and stylish fighting techniques.

App Name Devil May Cry 2
Genres Action, Adventure, Other
Realese Year 2019
Image Format NSP, XCI
Region USA
Latest Version 1.0.0
Language Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Required Firmware 8.1.0
File Size 1GB

Devil May Cry 2 is a 2003 action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom. It was released from January to March, originally for the PlayStation 2. In terms of chronological order, the game’s events are set after Devil May Cry and before Devil May Cry 4. Set in modern times, in the fictional Vie de Marli island,[3] the story centers on demon hunter Dante and island guardian Lucia in their fight to stop a businessman named Arius from raising the demon Argosax and achieving supreme power. The story is told primarily through a mixture of cutscenes using the game engine, with several pre-rendered full-motion videos.

Devil May Cry 2


In Devil May Cry 2, the player guides either Dante or Lucia through several environments, fighting groups of monsters in fast-paced combat. The game consists of missions with specific goals in the play area of the game itself. The player’s performance in each mission is ranked from D (poor/”Don’t Worry”) to S (excellent/”Showtime”) based on the time taken to complete the mission, the amount of Red Orbs collected, the overall “style” displayed during fights, item usage, and damage taken.

In contrast to the rest of the gameplay, the style judging system used in the game has been cited as being the harshest in terms of how it judges the player’s performance. Combat itself is based on the “style” the player demonstrates during a fight. The rating the player gains for style is improved by hitting enemies continuously while avoiding damage. This ranges from “Don’t Worry”, progressing to “Come On!”, “Bingo”, “Are You Ready?” and peaking at “Showtime”. If the character takes damage, the style rating falls back to “Don’t Worry”.

Devil May Cry 2

The game’s controls convert short sequences of button presses into complex on-screen actions. New to the series is an evasion button, which allows Dante or Lucia to roll, dodge enemy attacks, or run along walls. Another new feature is a weapon-change button, which allows the player to cycle through ranged weapons without switching to the inventory screen.

The game also features puzzle-solving and exploration elements. The gameplay involves the player examining their surroundings to find items and orbs. Red Orbs are used to acquire new combat powers and abilities for the characters. These Red Orbs are “the blood of demons”; enemies drop them when they are defeated. Dante and Lucia can also purchase items, which allow them to restore their damaged health or even instantly revive should they be killed by an enemy’s attack.

Devil May Cry 2

The Devil Trigger ability enables Dante and Lucia to transform into a demon form. This changes their appearance, increases their strength and defense, slowly restores health, and enables them to use special attacks and other passive and movement abilities, including increased speed and the power to fly. The Devil Trigger state lasts as long as there is power in the Devil Trigger Gauge, which increases by attacking or taunting enemies in the normal state and decreases by attacking in the Devil Trigger state or using Devil Trigger-only attacks.

Unique to this game is the Desperation Devil Trigger — an enhanced form of the Devil Trigger — available to Dante when he is low on health. Players can also use Trish after beating the Hard Mode with Dante. Trish’s gameplay is heavily different than Dante’s while retaining some of his moves, but she has the gimmick of her sword combat. Trish can also switch between Sword of Sparda and a hand-to-hand combat. Unlike Dante and Lucia, Trish uses a power-up aura for her “Devil Trigger”.

Devil May Cry 2


At a museum, an item on display called the Medaglia attracts Lucia, a gaggle of demons, and Dante. After defeating their foes, Lucia invites Dante to her homeland. An island existing outside the mainstream in the outskirts of the New World, Vie de Marli became a sanctuary for refugees of different races, beliefs, and languages; as well as runaway slaves; in the distant past. Despite different cultural roots, all belonged to sects of the same ancient religion—which originated in the Mediterranean and then spread to neighboring regions—and were branded as heretics in their places of origin. Over time, these groups blended into one, the syncretism leading to new religions that worshipped demons. For divine conflicts, the people were called for protection by the priests of their cults, who were known as “guardians”.

At Vie de Marli, Dante meets another one, Lucia’s mother Matier who, centuries earlier, exorcised Argosax (the evilest idolized demon) with the aid of his father, Sparda. She asks Dante to fight Arius, an international businessman whose Uroboros corporation installed itself on the island. Outwardly interested in “special ores” found there and developing the place, his true intent is to transcend mortality by absorbing Argosax’s power after summoning the demon with Arcanas, holy relics hidden throughout Vie de Marli. Dante flips a coin in answer and decides to help when the coin lands on heads. He heads off to exterminate demons and find Arius, while Lucia collects the Arcanas. Both fighters spot and chase a Uroboros helicopter flying from headquarters towards an oil platform. Lucia reaches it first and faces Arius, who reveals her origin as he rejects artificial creation. He claims that she is bound to turn on humans someday, then warps her away.

Devil May Cry 2

Shortly afterward, Dante meets up with Lucia, who gives him the last of the Arcana and leaves. She infiltrates the Uroboros tower to kill Arius but fails and is held hostage. Dante then encounters Matier, who asks him to take the Arcanas to save Lucia. Dante flips the coin again to decide if he will help; it lands on heads, and he departs to aid Lucia. Dante arrives and trades the Arcana for Lucia, then attacks Arius. To escape, Arius forces Dante to decide between saving Lucia or killing him. Lucia worried about the ritual and conflicted about herself, wonders how they will stop Arius. Dante waves her off, stating he will find a way. Dante leaves Lucia to think as he departs to defeat Arius. Matier arrives a short time later, reaffirms their mother-daughter bond as stronger than blood ties, and persuades her to rejoin the fight against Arius.

Dante arrives at the tower to find Arius in the middle of his immortality-inducing ritual. However, Dante is not worried as he switched the Medaglia with a non-sacred coin. Another fight ensues, in which Dante finishes Arius off with his pistols. Outside, Lucia confronts Dante and demands that he kill her because she fears she will become a demon herself. Before the issue can be resolved, a large stream of energy strikes the tower and a portal to the demon world is opened.  Dante and Lucia argue over who will enter and close it from the inside; Dante offers to leave the issue up to fate. He flips the coin and it once again lands on heads, leaving Dante to enter the portal to deal with the partially summoned Argosax, after leaving the coin with Lucia.

Devil May Cry 2

After Dante departs, Arius returns to life bearing demonic power. While Lucia fights Arius, he finds himself injured and attempts to distract her, a tactic which fails, and Lucia goes on to defeat him. Within the portal, Dante fights and defeats Argosax. Finding the portal closed behind him, Dante instead drives further into the demon realm on a motorcycle. In the aftermath of the battle, Matier attempts to reassure Lucia about Dante’s fate, insisting that Sparda returned from a similar trip. Lucia examines the coin Dante left with her and discovers that both sides are identical. Sometime later, in Dante’s shop, Lucia muses about Dante. Outside the sound of a motorcycle echoes, and Lucia leaves to investigate. The player is not shown whether or not Dante has returned.

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