DAVE THE DIVER (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.2.651 Update + 2 DLCs

DAVE THE DIVER SWITCH ROM - This game is a video game developed and published by Mintrocket. It was released for macOS and Microsoft Windows in June 2023 following an early access release in October 2022.

Genres Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Simulation
Realese Year 2023
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version
Language Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
Required Firmware 16.1.0
File Size 1GB

DAVE THE DIVER is a video game developed and published by Mintrocket. It was released for macOS and Microsoft Windows in June 2023 following an early access release in October 2022. A Nintendo Switch version was released in October 2023 and a version for PlayStation consoles will be released in April 2024.

Dave the Diver combines elements of management, action-adventure, and role-playing video games. Players control Dave, a hard-working diver, as he collects fish, completes quests, and manages a sushi restaurant, with gameplay encompassing exploration, restaurant management and boss fights.


During the day, players explore the ocean, while at night, they run the sushi restaurant, with the day’s catch affecting the restaurant’s menu offerings. Income earned from the restaurant can be spent to enhance Dave’s diving gear and weapons or to employ and train staff for the efficient management of the restaurant.

This game is a unique adventure RPG that seamlessly blends deep-sea exploration and daytime fishing with nighttime sushi restaurant management. Dive into the enigmatic Blue Hole alongside Dave and his quirky companions as they unveil its secrets.



Players primarily control Dave, a deep sea diver who is talked into managing a sushi restaurant and supplying it with the fish they need. He fishes at a spot called the Blue Hole whose geography and fauna change daily. Players can collect resources to upgrade or craft new items for Dave to use, such as diving gear and weapons to use in boss fights against giant underwater creatures.

Dave’s air supply decreases faster as he becomes overburdened, and he becomes more susceptible to predators, such as sharks. Being defeated in combat causes Dave to drop all his cargo except one item as he is rescued. Dave is asked by others to perform various favors, and quests, involving exploration, research, or finding rare items.


As players retrieve items lost at sea, they can use Dave’s contacts in his cell phone to find buyers. Dave can go diving twice a day, once each during the morning and afternoon; later in the game’s progression, the ability to dive at night is unlocked. In the evening, he manages the sushi restaurant.

Players can unlock recipes to cook, attract influential customers, renovate the restaurant by adding decorations, hire employees, and more. An in-game app called “Cooksta” keeps track of the restaurant’s popularity and rating and can unlock further upgrades. In addition to the main gameplay modes, there are also some minigames unlocked through the course of the story, including a rhythm game and a Tamagotchi style app. The graphical style uses pixel art.


The game follows Dave, a diver who is approached by his friend Cobra to start up a sushi restaurant venture with the skilled chef Bancho. Setting up location at the Blue Hole, a spot said to contain fish from all over the world, Dave is tasked with fishing for ingredients during the day and helping Bancho with the restaurant at night.

During his escapades, Dave comes across a race of sea people and learns that the frequent earthquakes occurring on the Blue Hole are happening because something is affecting the energy crystal that keeps the sea people alive.



  • An Exciting Blend of Adventure, RPG, and Management – Embark on an exhilarating journey into the depths of the Blue Hole during the day, then transition to running a thriving sushi restaurant by night. Experience a captivating gameplay cycle that’s utterly addictive!
  • Casual Combat and Gathering with Rogue-Like Elements – Plunge into the ever-changing Blue Hole, armed with a harpoon and various weapons to capture diverse fish and creatures. Enhance and craft equipment using resources and restaurant profits to prepare for lurking dangers. Beware, running out of oxygen means leaving treasures behind!
  • Eccentric Characters and Light-hearted Storytelling – Delight in the antics of endearing yet quirky characters as you enjoy a narrative brimming with humor, in-jokes, and playful moments. The game offers an accessible and enjoyable storytelling experience.
  • Stunning 2D/3D Art in a Mesmerizing Underwater World – Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the sea with a unique fusion of pixel and 3D graphics, showcasing breathtaking underwater vistas. Dive into a real marine environment within the Blue Hole, teeming with over 200 mesmerizing sea creatures.
  • Abundant Supplementary Content to Enrich the Main Experience – Explore a wealth of additional content, including mini-games, side quests, and multiple storylines that promise hours of entertainment and diverse gameplay opportunities.

DAVE THE DIVER (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.2.651 Update + 2 DLCs Download


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