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ASTLIBRA Revision (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.4 Update

ASTLIBRA Revision SWITCH ROM - This game is a 2D RPG side-scrolling video game released on Nintendo Switch in November 2023, created by a solo Japanese video game developer KEIZO.

App Name ASTLIBRA Revision
Genres Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Strategy
Realese Year 2023
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.0.4
Language Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
Required Firmware 16.1.0
File Size 1GB

ASTLIBRA Revision is a 2D RPG side-scrolling video game released on Nintendo Switch in November 2023, created by a solo Japanese video game developer KEIZO but with an initial release via free demo in February 2021 and via Steam in October 2022.

Its creator said that it took 16 years to develop. According to Nintendo Life, KEIZO was a “humble Japanese salaryman” who “started work on Astlibra because he felt there weren’t enough 2D action RPG games that filled the niche he most enjoyed”.


Embark on an epic journey challenging time and destiny, navigating meticulously crafted realms, engaging in ruthless boss battles, and enhancing your skills to vanquish adversaries lurking at every turn.

Traverse Unexplored Realms! Discover a sprawling, perilous yet enchanting world segmented into multiple chapters. Accompany the protagonist and Karon, his articulate avian companion, in their quest to defy time and fate. Return to the Golden Era of JRPGs with Side-scrolling Action!


Execute slashes, smashes, and thrusts against hordes of enemies while building stamina for potent Possession Skills capable of obliterating obstacles, including colossal bosses that dominate half, or more, of the screen. Employ an aggressive yet strategic combat style, consistently choose reliable equipment, and select skills tailored to dynamic situations.

Confront Deific Boss Challenges! Engage in intense battles against formidable bosses, each presenting unique attacks and trials. Essential upgrades and the acquisition of new skills are crucial for triumphing in every encounter and advancing the protagonist’s narrative.


Diverse Character-Building Paths! Become a marksman proficient in ranged combat with bows and throwing knives, or a mage combining staff assaults with simultaneous spellcasting—play it your way. Accumulate experience for leveling up, gather force for growth, and master equipment forging to unlock diverse tactical options.

Seamless Integration of Combat and Narrative! After 14 years of development and over a year of revision, the award-winning indie developer KEIZO poured heart and soul into this creation. The plot evolves alongside characters in an ever-expanding world, with classic themes such as time travel and numerous surprises uniquely tailored to the developer’s style.


In ASTLIBRA, story elements seamlessly weave into game mechanics, transforming your soulmate Karon from a mere conversational companion into an integral part of the adventure. Bountiful Endgame with Added Challenges! Featuring six difficulty options, the combat system accommodates diverse player preferences.

Yet, conquering all content proves formidable—even after “completing” the game, the Postscript after the Final Chapter introduces additional storylines, fresh adventures, and innovative systems that tap into the potential of skills, equipment, and imagination.


Astlibra Revision follows an unnamed protagonist fleeing from a horde of demons attacking his hometown. After running away, he finds himself trapped in one of the vast uninhabited Frontier lands of the world, with the raven Karon as his only companion.

The protagonist then embarks on an eight-year journey with Karon to find his hometown and his childhood friend Anulis. As part of their journey, the duo finds the Libra scales, an artifact said to be able to change the past, and finally reach civilization.

ASTLIBRA Revision (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.4 Update Download


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