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Watermelon Game (Suika Game) (NSP, XCI) ROM + v2.0.1 Update + DLCs

Watermelon Game (Suika Game) SWITCH ROM - (also called Watermelon Game, Mika is Romaji for watermelon) is a Japanese puzzle video game by Aladdin X, which combines the elements of falling and merging puzzle games.

App Name Suika Game
Genres Party, Puzzle
Realese Year 2023
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 2.0.1
Language Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
Required Firmware 17.0.0
File Size 146MB

Watermelon Game (Suika Game) (also called Watermelon Game, Mika is Romaji for watermelon) is a Japanese puzzle video game by Aladdin X, which combines the elements of falling and merging puzzle games. The game was originally developed for the company’s digital projectors in April 2021 and due to its initial success, released on the Nintendo eShop in December 2021 in Japan. After gaining popularity, it was made available globally in October 2023. The concept originates from a Chinese browser game titled “Merge Big Watermelon” (合成大西瓜 [zh]) that was released in January 2021.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game)The game involves the player trying to build a high score by dropping fruits into a container without having them overflow out of the container. To earn points the player must combine two of the same fruits, which creates a new fruit in the game’s fruit cycle. The game allows players to view other player’s ranks through an online leaderboard.

During 2023 Suika Game gained popularity after being played by live streamers, particularly VTubers. The game was received well by critics, praising the simplicity and charm of the game. It achieved over four million downloads by November 2023 and became the most downloaded eShop game on the Nintendo Switch for the year in Japan. The game also became prone to unofficial versions being created. Paid DLC was released on February 21, 2024, which added local competitive multiplayer, and online functionality will be added in the future.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game)


Suika Game is a puzzle game focusing on stacking objects in a confined space, reminiscent of Tetris. The player, represented as a cloud called Poppy, is tasked with dropping a wide range of fruits in a box, aiming for the highest score without having a single fruit cross the line at the top of the box and overflowing out, or else the game would end.

To keep the fruits from overflowing out of the box, the player must match two types of fruits for them to merge into the next biggest fruit in the cycle, increasing the player’s score. The bigger the fruits that merge the larger the point bonus is, with the largest merger the player can achieve resulting in the titular suika (watermelon).

Watermelon Game (Suika Game)

If two watermelons merge, they poof from the box. Suika Game has no time limit to rush the player with; but unlike in games such as Tetris, the fruits are affected by physics causing them to hit each other and roll away from where they were initially dropped. Sometimes the pressure released by two fruits merging is enough to send a fruit out of the box and end the game.

There are 11 fruits in the game and they go in a cycle from smallest to largest: the cherry, the strawberry, the grapes, the dekopon, the persimmon, the apple, the pear, the peach, the pineapple, the cantaloupe, the titular watermelon. However, the fruits that the player can drop into the box are limited to the five smallest in the cycle.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game)

The order the player can drop the fruit is completely random, but they can see the fruit that is coming up one turn ahead. For the Chinese “Synthetic Big Watermelon” browser game version, the order of the fruits is slightly different as the game features kiwis, lemons, and mandarin oranges in its cycle.

Suika Game also features an online leaderboard to compare other players’ ranks online, being split between scores from “daily”, “monthly” and “overall”. This leaderboard can keep track of the player’s score too. This ability to share and compare points led both players and live streamers to create an unofficial challenge that required the player to reach at least 3,000 points in-game.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game)

In February 2024, paid DLC introduced local competitive multiplayer modes. Aside from the classic mode, it introduced Time Limit and Attack multiplayer modes. Online multiplayer is planned for the future.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game) (NSP, XCI) ROM + v2.0.1 Update + DLCs Download


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