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VALORANT Mobile v1.0.3 APK (Latest)

VALORANT Mobile MOD APK - will bring players to a completely different FPS game experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Choose the right Agent for you and participate in dramatic survival battles.

App Name VALORANT Mobile
Latest Version 1.0.3
Required Android 4.0+
File Size 150MB
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VALORANT Mobile has only been released for more than one year, but its achievements are many, and it is completely worth it for such a great product. Previously, it only appeared on PC, but in response to the overwhelming support from players, the manufacturer has launched an extremely attractive mobile version. Now you can experience the exciting features of a classic FPS game, and it really surpasses other heavyweights today.



VALORANT Mobile is set in the future Earth in 2053, and the world’s situation right now is very complicated after the post-apocalyptic period. A chaotic scene unfolded before their eyes, and everyone had to endure difficult days. This event happened has had some serious consequences and directly affected people’s thinking and character.

But the strange thing is that after that terrible disaster, people still did not perish or disappear; instead, some people still possessed an extraordinary power. No one has been able to decipher this mystery, and the people with that power are also known as Radiant. They are the ones who possess the power of Ranianite and are divided into two unique groups. Those who possessed this power were purebred, and those who had the intervention of technology created from Ranianite implanted in their bodies.



It is impossible to compare VALORANT Mobile with any other FPS game like the two familiar names Call of Duty or Overwatch because its gameplay is exceptional. The characters in the game will have their own unique skills, not necessarily depending entirely on the weapons. According to the introduction, the skill of each main character is the ability to master the use of natural elements combined with the use of weapons.

As described, this game emphasizes the player’s strategy, which means that once you start, you must use your mind to come up with the most accurate battle plan. The ultimate weapon is not what you hold in your hand, it’s your imagination, so to win easily requires unique tactics. The most important thing is to be creative and always change tactics because you can’t always apply the same fighting style.



Before entering the first level, you have to choose your character, and in VALORANT Mobile, they are called Agents. Each Agent will have a unique role and a number of skills designed specifically for each character for you to choose from. If you want convenience from the first time you play, it’s best to find out the information of each Agent to know which role you are suitable for playing. You should also think carefully in choosing because this character will follow you throughout a match and cannot be changed.

After completing the character selection, you will be taken to a large scale and have a total of 10 players who can not be divided into two teams, the offensive side and the defensive side. For the public side, they will have to place a bomb anywhere on the map and find ways to protect it until it explodes. On the defensive side, just killing all members of the offensive side will quickly win.



After each level, you will receive a worthy reward for your efforts and efforts in devoting yourself to fighting fiercely. In addition to some other special items, the important thing is money, and it will help you for many different purposes. When you come to VALORANT Mobile, no one will teach you how to spend money, but you also know how to spend as reasonably as possible after a while.

Usually, at the beginning of the game, your character will get a skill of his own, but then you have to use the money to continue to buy two more skills. Therefore, you must always have a certain amount of money to be able to buy anything you want. Not only skills, but you also have to buy weapons, and what you buy will be the deciding factor whether your team wins or not.



  • An innovative shooting gameplay that is entirely different from other games appearing on the game market today.
  • The creativity and strategy of the game will be some of the highlights that are especially important in the gameplay.
  • A unique system with characters called Agents that have a specifically designed role and skill set to be playable.
  • The situations that take place in the game are described in great detail by the developed graphics system.
  • The game’s matches are always developed according to emotions, and this will make players feel the drama to suffocation.

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