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River City: Rival Showdown (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.1 Update

River City: Rival Showdown SWITCH ROM - This game is a role-playing beat 'em up game in the Kunio-kun franchise released on October 27, 2016, in Japan. It was developed by Aplus Co., Ltd. and published by Arc System Works.

App Name River City: Rival Showdown
Genres Action, Role-Playing
Realese Year 2023
Image Format NSP, XCI
Region USA
Latest Version 1.0.1
Language Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
Required Firmware 16.1.0
File Size 743MB

River City: Rival Showdown is a role-playing beat ’em up game in the Kunio-kun franchise released on October 27, 2016, in Japan. It was developed by Aplus Co., Ltd. and published by Arc System Works. The Western versions of the game were released on November 21, 2017, and are published by Natsume, who previously published River City: Tokyo Rumble. The Japanese version originally had a release date of April 28, 2016, but was delayed twice.

The game celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Kunio-kun franchise and is the second remake of Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, which was released in North America as River City Ransom and in Europe as Street Gangs (the previous remake was Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX, which was released in the West as River City Ransom EX).

River City: Rival Showdown

The game reconstructs and expands the plot and gameplay of the original game in such a way that it can be considered an entirely new game. The story is shown from Kunio’s point of view in four days. A remaster of the game was announced on July 5, 2023, and was released worldwide on October 11, 2023 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

River City Ransom returns, rebuilt from scratch! Relive old rivalries and experience past showdowns through a completely overhauled storyline. The beloved 1989 retro classic, River City Ransom, flexes its muscles with a modern twist. Enhanced controls, revamped backgrounds, and the addition of online play – this version delivers it all and then some! To spice things up, a 2D fighting game mode is thrown into the mix, making River City more action-packed than ever!

River City: Rival Showdown


The game’s main story mode. In the single-player mode, the player controls Kunio. Using Local Play, two players can play the game together. The Host (first) player controls Kunio and the Client (second) player controls Riki. When players first begin the game, this mode has two difficulty levels Soft School (Beginner in the localized version) and Tough School (Intermediate in the localized version). Soft is for beginners, while Tough is for advanced players. Two more difficulty levels can be unlocked by the player: Tough Devil School and Hot-Blooded Tough School (Hardcore and Tough as Nails in the localized version). Unlike Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari and EX, the difficulty cannot be changed while playing the game.

The game has multiple endings which are achieved based on how the player decides to spend their three days. If players complete the game, they can play the game again on their clear save file. They will have two options, Start from the Beginning, or Load Save Point. The Save Point option will return the player to the last point they saved at while starting from the beginning allowing players to switch their difficulty and start the game from the beginning with all of their items and status intact. Upon completing the true ending, the player will unlock Cold Blooded Yamada’s Story, which depicts his actions leading up to the main story’s events.

River City: Rival Showdown

In the localized version, this game mode is named Story Mode. Downtown Nekketsu Story and EX have non-linear progression with a linear objective where the player can freely explore any area they wish, though they cannot enter Reihō Academy until a series of bosses are defeated. Rival Showdown uses a Free Scenario System, similar to the Romancing SaGa video game series.

The player has three days to unravel the conspiracy at Reihō and what’s done during those days will alter how the fourth day is played. Each day has limited time events with the player being given the freedom on how they want to tackle them or is allowed to skip them entirely. This system has a day and night cycle that gives the player 8 hours before the day ends starting from 15:00 up until 23:00 (3 PM to 11 PM in the localized version).

River City: Rival Showdown

Days are from 15:00 to 17:00 (3 PM to 5 PM), evenings are from 18:00 to 20:00 (6 PM to 8 PM) and nights are from 20:00 to 23:00 (8 PM to 11 PM). The characters present and events that take place vary by the time of day. Time will elapse over time, though time will also skip ahead when certain story events are completed, the player eats at a restaurant or uses a specific item, or if the player gets knocked out.

Most stores are closed during the night. If the player is knocked out during specific events, it is considered to be a failure and cannot be attempted again.  Regardless of what ending the player gets after completing the game, the Encyclopedia will become available and a new game can be started from the beginning of the story with the previous stats and items from the last playthrough carried over.

River City: Rival Showdown


This game acts as a sequel to River City: Tokyo Rumble with the events of River City Super Sports Challenge ~All Stars Special~ taking place directly after this game. While on a walk late at night, Kunio is suddenly attacked by a mysterious duo that flees in the middle of the fight at the sound of police sirens. Following the attack, Kunio understood that it was planned with precision where he would be alone and the most vulnerable which had his intuition insisting that a much larger threat was at play.

On the following afternoon, Kunio learns from Hiroshi that his assailants were two twins who recently transferred to Reihō Academy and took control of the school seemingly overnight. The twins have clashed with other schools and have targeted their top delinquents to gain control over them. On top of this, it appears that Mami, the girlfriend of Kunio’s rival Riki has gone missing. Kunio then spends the following three days unraveling the conspiracy at Reihō Academy and its key players.

River City: Rival Showdown


  • Craft your unique narrative and unlock multiple endings in single-player mode – Embark on a new storyline filled with thrilling events as you navigate three intense days of high school conflicts. Witness character and dialogue transformations with each event, leading to a range of distinct endings. Unearth dark plots and defend your territory at any cost; the destiny of River City rests in your hands!
  • Employ flashy new special techniques to vanquish your foes! Kunio boasts an impressive arsenal, including Stone Hands and Dragon Feet. Inject more excitement into the brawl with an assortment of fresh, previously unseen moves. But that’s not all! Ultra moves return with enough firepower to humble any potential challengers.
  • Challenge your friends in the 2D fighting game mode! “Double Dragon Duel 2023” (or DDD for short) is a brand-new 2D fighting game included at no extra charge. Choose from a diverse roster of tough fighters and compete with friends, whether they’re close by or far away, to determine who reigns supreme on campus! Rumor has it that more unlockable characters are hidden for those who dare to seek them out!

River City: Rival Showdown (NSP, XCI) ROM + v1.0.1 Update Download


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