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Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground v1.53.00 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND MOD APK - brings you to the pixel survival world with various weapons that you can pick up and use. You find each game mode has similarities, and all look for the last survivor.

App Name Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground
Latest Version 1.53.00
File Size 103MB
MOD Info Mega Menu
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MOD Info
  • GodMode;
  • Max Jacket;
  • Infinite Ammo;
  • No Reload;
  • Infinite Radios;
  • Infinite Medkits;
  • Infinite Molotov;
  • Infinite Flash;
  • Infinite Grenades;
  • Infinite Smoke Grenades;
  • Removed Medkit Cooldown;
  • No Ads;
  • AntiBan.

PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND is a battle royale game with different game modes that you can customize. These modes also revolve around gameplay and have similar mechanics to safe zones. At the same time, the number of weapons you can use in a match has been increased and allows you to pick up any weapon you want to attack the enemy.

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground


In the world of PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND, everything is pixelated so you will have a different experience than other games of the same genre. At the same time, the game has game modes that players can experience for themselves, and they all revolve around battle royale gameplay. You will be able to re-encounter familiar elements that often appear in the game genre and begin your process of becoming a winner.

The game’s world still features fully detailed designed environments and vehicles that you can interact with, unlock, and drive at the game’s levels. At the same time, the number of weapons that you can use in a multiplayer match increases, so it also brings challenges and fun that players are forced to face. In addition, you will be able to gain access to the game’s controls, and game modes are a valuable solution to this.

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground


When you start PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND, you will see three different game modes, and of course, they all have different environmental characteristics and slightly different gameplay. The first primary mode is the battle royale mode; the genre is too familiar. You will jump from a helicopter and land somewhere to get the necessary weapons and items. At the same time, you will destroy the remaining players, and the number of players is also less so that the level can end quickly.

The second mode is the team battle mode, when you will join other players to form a team and attack other teams to win. The point of identification of teammates that you can recognize is through the color of the name. Specifically, there will be two quantities corresponding to green and red. So those with green names will be allies, and you need to eliminate the number of players on the red side to win.

The last mode is zombie mode, and the group of players is still divided into two sides with two opposing colors. One side will be humans, and the other will be zombies; each will have different characteristics. Specifically, it is still possible to collect weapons and various equipment to fight zombies on the human side. The zombies will have impressive physical strength and can attack the enemy forcefully. All modes have the appearance of a safe zone, so don’t forget to move.

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground


It can be said that there are many things that you need to survive in PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND, such as armor, healing items, weapons, and many other elements. At the same time, the number of weapons you can use is not just two, so you can pick up a variety of guns to kill enemies faster.

The battle-royale experience in this game offers many notable points:

  • A big pixel world where players will engage in a battle to decide who will be the winner.
  • The number of game modes is diverse, and they all have the same gameplay mechanics and goals.
  • You will coordinate with other players and form a powerful team to take down other enemies.
  • Zombies with impressive physical strength will create terror for other players.
  • The number of weapons you can experience in the game is no longer limited to 2, and you will find the right weapons.

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