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Naruto Online Mobile v3.56.13 APK (Full Game, by Tencent)

Naruto Online Mobile MOD APK - is a game where players will relive experiencing the Naruto anime series. You will meet your favorite characters again, increase their power, and defeat enemies with valuable tactics.

App Name Naruto Online Mobile
Latest Version 3.56.13
File Size 2GB
MOD Info Full Game
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Naruto Online Mobile offers turn-based gameplay where players will have a squad with characters from the Naruto anime series. You will defeat your enemies with the power of the characters in the team, and of course, you can use the unique jutsu of each person. At the same time, you will be able to summon powerful characters to your team, increase their power, and uncover the protagonist’s potential.

Naruto Online Mobile


If you are a fan of the famous Naruto anime series, you will certainly not be able to ignore Naruto Online Mobile. You will meet the characters typical of the series, such as Naruo, Sasuke, Kakashi, and various other characters again. At the same time, each character has a unique skill to use in battle. So you can form a strong squad against the opponents in the levels you appear.

Players will have a more nostalgic feeling when participating in levels taken from the main storylines of the original anime. Specifically, the first event in the game is that the Third Hokage confronts the controlled Nine Tails, and soon after, there is the appearance of the Fourth Hokage. The story is moved to the present time after Naruto has become a Genin and features the main character’s appearance that you can create from the characters that the game provides.

Naruto Online Mobile


When starting Naruto Online Mobile, players will be able to choose the main character, and this is the character representing the player accompanying the characters in the Naruto anime. Players will have many different choices, and of course, these characters possess impressive looks and information for you to choose from. This selection process took place after Naruto became a Genin and met the Third Hokage for the first time.

Players will participate in several tutorial levels to familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics, such as fighting Nine Tails or using jutsu for the first time. This game offers turn-based strategy gameplay where the player will observe and use the character’s skills properly in battle. At the same time, all the character’s actions will be operated automatically, so strength and strategy are absolutely important things in the game.

A team will have up to 4 characters that can participate in the match, and they all have a unique skill that the player can use. You can see the amount of energy required to make the skill work and, from there, make decisions about which skill to use. There will be an energy bar on the left side of the screen, and after being used up in one turn, the next turn will add a new amount of energy for the player to continue using.

Naruto Online Mobile


An interesting point when you experience Naruto Online Mobile is that you will meet many characters that you like, and of course, it will take a long time to unlock them. You will need to use your resources to shoot the character banners you desire. So, if you are lucky, you can get characters with different qualities and many stars to add to your squad. The game offers nine positions on the field but only four characters, offering many interesting strategies.

When summoning characters, players will be able to increase the power of these characters. You will not need to spend too much time passing many levels and increasing the level of the character you want. It is solved when the player can use the item to level up the character’s limit. At the same time, the character’s skill system will be slightly different from the rest of the characters and give players the freedom to choose the right strategy.

Players will find it interesting to observe the main character’s journey in the Naruto world:

  • You will be able to create yourself as the main character, accompanying familiar characters in the vast Naruto world.
  • The events taking place in the game are the same as the original story, and the first event is the battle against Nine Tails.
  • Players will be able to add four characters to nine different positions on the field and create a variety of impressive tactics against the enemy.
  • Each character owns a unique skill that can be used when the player receives enough energy in each turn.
  • A diverse character system that you can summon and upgrade; the main character has a skill system that you can exploit.

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