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Napoleon Empire War v1.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Medals)

Napoleon Empire War MOD APK - In Napoleon Empire War, players will participate in fierce battles between the forces of the French Revolution. Recruit great generals into your army and use tactics to win.

App Name Napoleon Empire War
Latest Version 1.2.0
File Size 126MB
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Medals
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Napoleon Empire War is a strategy game built in the context of the war for territory between the powers. Players will build their army to participate in the wars. Innovative strategies with intelligent arrangements and the use of soldiers will be the key to victory. An army needs the command of talented generals. Choose your champions and get ready to create an eloquent history of your own.

Napoleon Empire War


Napoleon’s Empire War opened a war between many forces in the context of the French Revolution in the 18th century. Here, the history of Napoleon will be born, and its writer is none other than you. The player transforms into a commander of an entire army. Your army is equipped with many weapons and divided into many armies such as infantry, artillery, gun troops, etc. A battle cannot be won without a combination of the army and the leadership talent of the leader.

This war will not stop until there is an entirely victorious side. Each army has its own lands, and the other faction’s goal is to capture those lands. After succeeding in this area, the battle will occur in other areas and not necessarily only one enemy. Do not be afraid of the army losing when fighting because, after each battle, you will receive many benefits and items to help the army become stronger.

Napoleon Empire War


However, you will not be a direct participant in the war but only a remote commander. Real combat in battles will help you by the generals you recruit. Napoleon’s Empire War had many different generals. They are legendary names in the history of France with glorious feats created, such as Emperor Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Frederick the Great, Queen Maria Teresa, and Marshal Suvorov. You will choose the most talented generals according to you. Of course, no one is perfect, or no one is bad. They all have their pros and cons in fighting style. Players will be the ones to consider to choose them for their army.

To level up troops of Napoleon’s Empire War, you can level up the attributes of troops and generals. Use the capital gained from battles to equip the army well. Upgrade available resources and recruit new soldiers to increase the number of troops. Also, unlock new combat technologies to add more modern weapons to your arsenal.

Napoleon Empire War


As mentioned above, the battle in Napoleon’s Empire War will not be limited to just one or two battles but will be many battles. Corresponding to them are more than 50 levels of the game. The player will participate in a war with a certain difficulty with the same enemy faction at each level. After defeating this enemy and gaining territory, you will unlock a new level with a new battle. The difficulty will gradually increase along with the enemy’s strength growing stronger. The ultimate enemy is the strongest and capable of equaling you. So try your best to beat it.

The form of combat in the game is straightforward. The player will be the one to draw the strategic plan of his army. There are a lot of circles on the map, and your enemy is ready and in position. The remaining empty cells will be the place for you to place your army. In each such circle, you can put three soldiers with their weapons. Positioning is smart with the combination of troops to ensure optimal soldiers. Defeat all enemies and make your glorious history!

Napoleon Empire War


  • In the chaotic context of the French Revolution in the 18th century, players participated in this war to divide the territory. Claim your power and create your own empire.
  • Use a clever strategy with a combination of troops and generals. Note about each soldier’s battle position.
  • There are many different armies such as infantry artillery, … Don’t worry about the loss of soldiers after joining the battle because there will be new recruitments.
  • Many generals and soldiers who are legendary names in French history will be your effective assistants.
  • Upgrade your army and unlock advanced weapons to increase your army’s strength. Over 50 levels with many map zones to conquer.

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