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Mergy: Merge RPG v3.2.5 MOD APK (Menu, God Mode, Attack Speed)

Mergy: Merge RPG MOD APK - takes you on a long journey to face many enemies with equipment that you upgrade yourself., You will look for more powerful equipment, increase the character’s passive skills, and create a good character build.

App Name Mergy: Merge RPG
Latest Version 3.2.5
File Size 85MB
MOD Info Menu/God Mode, Attack Speed
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MOD Info
  • Menu Mod;
  • God Mode;
  • Attack Speed x5.

Mergy: Merge RPG Mergy is a game where players will have a journey to overcome many different monsters to save the world from a difficult situation. They will receive some chests, and there will be equipment with different genres in them. At the same time, you will need to merge them to create more powerful equipment, make the character stronger against other enemies, and unlock passive skills.

Mergy: Merge RPG Mergy: Merge RPG


In Mergy, the world is threatened by the forces of darkness with many monsters with awe-inspiring strength. Since then, the world has been waiting for a hero who can bring hope to humanity and eradicate evil. The character you control in this game is trying to become a hero and increase strength over time as he takes down various enemies. So you will be the one to support him in achieving great power.

At the beginning of the game, you will see your character appear without any weapons or armor to use. So you will be the one to provide the equipment over time and help him gain a higher level of equipment. He will constantly move in the 2D environment and automatically attack the enemy if it appears in front of your eyes. Also, you will try to minimize the number of defeats because, when you are killed, you will start at that level. There will be much different equipment that you can bring to the character.


The screen in Mergy is divided into two halves, allowing you to watch the character move and merge the equipment that appears from the chest. Specifically, each will have a different color corresponding to each type of equipment that your hero uses. It includes weapons, armor, shields, and trinkets. The number of chests you can open is five, and after each opening, you will need to wait a while for these chests to regenerate so you can continue to open them.

The challenge point that this game gives players is the variety of equipment that they will choose to open the chest. The number of weapons created and stored in the bag is completely limited. You will prioritize a few things that you need at the beginning of the game and gradually add to increase the survivability of your hero. In addition, you also spend a lot of time creating high-quality equipment because the mechanism of two items of the same level will make a higher level of equipment.

Mergy: Merge RPG Mergy: Merge RPG


In Mergy, players will find other power-ups besides upgrading their hero’s equipment. Specifically, you will find passive skills that have a specific effect on the character, such as increasing the character’s passive skills. You will be interested in many stats, including attack power, defense, crit rate, and crit dame. You will take your time choosing a strong build direction that you feel is right for your heroes.

You will be able to use the resources you own, such as red diamonds and gold coins, to buy some other items in the game. One of them is heroes with different characteristics that will appear before your eyes and continue the journey to destroy evil. So, with a diverse power system, you will be creative in the way you build your character.

The journey against enemies and saving the world is entirely accessible to players because

  • You will watch the character automatically move and confront the enemies they meet to complete the goal of saving the world.
  • A variety of chests help you unlock many different types of equipment to increase the character’s stats.
  • With a limited number of items at the start of the game, players will decide which equipment they will focus on and upgrade it to help them survive.
  • The system of passive skills affects the strength and endurance of the character and you will spend time finding ways to develop the character correctly.
  • There will be many items that you can unlock with your resources, and one of them is heroes with new powers.

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