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Idle Merge Heroes v1.0.59 MOD APK (Free Upgrades, High Damage)

Idle Merge Heroes MOD APK - is a peak and a perfect combination of various styles and games to deliver an outstanding experience while utilizing the idle system to maximize everyone’s time to play anytime, anywhere.

App Name Idle Merge Heroes
Latest Version 1.0.59
Required Android 5.0+
Downloads 10K+
File Size 71MB
MOD Info Free Upgrades, High Damage
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MOD Info
  • Research cost 0 for Money and Gem;
  • Hero High DMG.

Idle Merge Heroes introduces everyone to role-playing adventure gameplay but with a novel concept to let everyone enjoy the game to the fullest no matter how busy they are. Thanks to the idle gameplay element, people can still automatically control every hero so that they continuously work, participate in many activities, and farm while offline. Players can also upgrade many things with the subtle and complex system, showing depth in gameplay for everyone to build a memorable experience with the game and great things.

Idle Merge Heroes Idle Merge Heroes


Players’ journey in Idle Merge Heroes is almost endless as they can fight various things, recruit new heroes, and do many other fun things. That makes the gameplay potential always expand with many new things, and the game is always updated with new things to keep the world vibrant and exciting. Moreover, the idle system also contributes to everyone’s progress, ensuring they always have the most stable development, even without grinding hardcore but enjoying everything slowly and safely.


The best thing about the gameplay is that players can merge similar heroes to create a new variant with superior strength and gradually unlock new abilities. The merge is complicated and requires the same units to level up, but the performance is perfectly balanced to show the difference in each tier. Many new hero classes will often appear for players to collect, enriching the merge process and gradually creating an unrivaled hero lineup with advanced combat abilities.


The world in Idle Merge Heroes is vast, with constant expansion in story or content, making the game’s potential boundless and full of entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Because of that, the smallest changes in everyone’s progress have a big effect, and they need to defeat many bosses to go further. Many items or large conditions are also often a player’s obstacle, but these are the tests to decide if the player has enough strength to go further than everything currently stands.


The gameplay upgrade system is a unique way for players to improve the strength of each character class to new heights to enhance their combat. The system can apply full effects to the units included within it, and the process can go on indefinitely or repeatedly be repeated for everyone to discover new possibilities. Many of the exclusive skills of the classes are only available under certain conditions, and their performance is great for the player to prepare to fight the new entities.

Idle Merge Heroes Idle Merge Heroes


Besides the upgrade systems, the equipment in Idle Merge Heroes is a great addition that everyone needs to prioritize searching or crafting for every character. The crafting process is also complicated as finding materials is always a new challenge for everyone when faced with many things in their career. Equipment can also upgrade or evolve when certain conditions are met, saving resources or promoting the ability to link up with compatible characters that the equipment requires.


Random events in gameplay are often opportunities or disasters that the player must always prepare very carefully to do as much as possible. All the contents inside it are time-limited events, and the rewards are great, but the danger is serious so that everyone has a strong push in their development. Exclusive bosses will appear on these occasions, and some of them have comedic interactions to enhance the atmosphere and give everyone a new feel for the gameplay.

Idle Merge Heroes is a special role-playing game with a perfect combination of many elements to give people a lot of excitement when merging everything. Moreover, the gameplay systems or expansions are complex and deep, making every progression full of fun when allowed to battle many things.


  • A fascinating RPG gameplay with an idle defense concept stimulates players’ enjoyment when customizing everything to their tastes.
  • Merge every hero of the same type to upgrade and unlock new progression to battle with powerful creatures that exist in the world.
  • Encounter the legendary bosses to unlock new items or scenarios for extreme advancement in the heroes and equipment.
  • Gather items offline and increase heroes’ powers to new heights through the complex crafting and customization system.
  • Ready for dangerous events to fight with new entities and prepare for ridiculous battles to earn glorious and fascinating rewards.

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