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Five nights at Floppa v1.6 MOD APK (No ADS)

Five nights at Floppa MOD APK - is a horror game where you play as an office security guard with cats trying to scare you away. You will go through different nights, and the challenges will increase over time.

App Name Five nights at Floppa
Latest Version 1.6
Required Android 5.1+
Downloads 1M+
File Size 121MB
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Five nights at Floppa gives players the experience of working as a security guard in a nocturnal office with cats constantly trying to scare them away. They will have different characteristics for you to identify and start protecting yourself from them. At the same time, a camera system helps you understand the situation in different rooms and interact freely with the items that the game provides.

Five nights at Floppa


In Five Nights at Floppa, the players will have a job as a security guard at an office, and there are some suspicious spots that they will recognize at the beginning of the game. They will quickly observe the rooms in the game with the cameras installed in the rooms. At the same time, they will need to dodge the approach of scary cats as they will try to scare away intruders. Therefore, you will need to understand their characteristics and have the necessary solutions.

Players will find themselves in a room, and in front of them are a monitor, a laptop, and a lamp. They can interact with these objects to perform your office protection duties, and of course, they can also find the places where these cats appear to have the necessary solutions. Also, while the game’s mechanics are easily accessible, it will require constant attention to the display.


When you visit Five Nights at Floppa, you will find many settings, and of course, your job is to learn about the game’s instructions. You’ll find basic mechanics from interacting with objects to ways to deal with cats trying to drive you away. Then you will go to the first night and begin the process of observing your cameras. You will need to pay attention to many things, from the images to your sounds.

As you experience the game, you will see many rooms on the computer screen to observe and immediately recognize your position. At the same time, when you reach a particular room, the interior will appear before your eyes quickly. So you’ll need to observe to see if any cats are there. If so, you will need to begin to recognize the trait and develop a plan to deal with it.

It can be said that there are three simple countermeasures that this game offers and requires players to observe and listen to the emission near their room carefully. You have to look at the cat that appears on camera for a moment, and then it disappears shortly after. Also, when you see a cat near the TV, you’ll need to turn off all the equipment in front of you, so it doesn’t make any noise. If a cat knocks on your door, turn on the lamp when you hear the sound.

Five nights at Floppa


An interesting point when you experience Five Nights at Floppa is that you will not be able to take your eyes off what you see. That comes from the fact that you will need to check the camera constantly with your laptop and, of course, can’t stop for a second. So you will continuously update the information around the other rooms and make sure there are no cats present. It is a feature of this game, and sometimes you will be surprised when a cat looks at the camera after a few seconds.

Players will need to overcome many different nights in this game and make sure each night will have a certain number of challenges. The first night will usually be quite easy as the frequency with which these cats show up will not be too high. At the same time, each level will be completed when the timer at the display top counts until morning. Of course, you will try to protect yourself against cats trying to chase you away.

Players will control the guard character and try to maintain the job through many different challenges:

  • Players will learn the game’s easy-to-understand mechanics before starting the game and will observe the rooms through the camera.
  • Each player will need to constantly touch the cameras to know the current situation in the rooms and have different solutions.
  • You will find the necessary information through observing and listening to the sounds coming from the door of the room in which you are sitting.
  • The game requires that you constantly pay attention to the camera to know where the cats are appearing and use the objects correctly.
  • Players will work as security guards for different nights and have a clock to help them know how much remaining time is until the end.

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