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Devil May Cry 1 (NSP, XCI) ROM

Devil May Cry 1 SWITCH ROM - Get ready to relive the legendary stylish action classic that started it all! Dante, the ultimate devil hunter, makes his debut in this game.

App Name Devil May Cry 1
Genres Action
Realese Year 2019
Image Format NSP
Region USA
Latest Version 1.0.0
Language Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Required Firmware 7.0.1
File Size 9GB

Devil May Cry 1 is the first game in the Devil May Cry series, Created and directed by Hideki Kamiya featuring the main playable character, Dante, a son of Sparda, as the main protagonist. The game opens with a cutscene where a woman named Trish bursts into Dante’s shop and asks for help. The game is set entirely in and around a castle where both Trish and Dante go to Mallet Island. Dante is not just motivated by his duty – revenge is also on his mind. In this classic game that pioneered the “stylish action” genre, you can use your sword and dual guns to execute flashy combos and annihilate your enemies. Are you ready to step into Dante’s shoes and take on the underworld?

Devil May Cry 1


The gameplay consists of levels called “missions”, where players must fight numerous enemies, perform platforming tasks, and occasionally solve puzzles to progress through the story. The player’s performance in each mission is given a letter grade, starting with D, increasing to C, B, and A, with an additional top grade of S. Grades are based on the time taken to complete the mission, the amount of “red orbs” gathered (the in-game currency obtained from defeated enemies, destroyed objects, and exploration), how “stylish” their combat was, item usage, and damage taken.

“Stylish” combat is defined as performing an unbroken series of varied attacks while avoiding damage, with player performance tracked by an on-screen gauge. The more hits the player makes, the higher the gauge rises. The gauge starts at “Dull”; progresses through “Cool”, “Bravo”, and “Absolute”; and peaks at “Stylish”. Repeatedly using the same moves causes the gauge to stop rising, encouraging the player to use every move in their arsenal. The gauge terms are similar to the grades given at the end of the missions. When Dante receives damage, the style rating resets back to “Dull”. Players can also maintain their style grade by taunting enemies at close range.

Devil May Cry 1

The player can temporarily transform Dante into a more powerful demonic creature by using the “Devil Trigger” ability. Doing so adds powers based on the current weapon and changes Dante’s appearance. The transformations typically increase strength and defense, slowly restore health, and grant special attacks. The ability is governed by the Devil Trigger gauge, which depletes as the ability is used and is refilled by attacking enemies or taunting in normal form.

Devil May Cry contains puzzles and other challenges besides regular combat gameplay. The main storyline often requires the player to find key items to advance, like puzzles in the Resident Evil games, as well as optional platforming and exploration tasks to find hidden caches of “orbs”. Side quests, called “Secret Missions” in the game, are located in hidden or out-of-the-way areas and are not required for completion, but provide permanent power-ups. They typically challenge the player to defeat a group of enemies in a specific manner or within a time limit or solve a puzzle.

Devil May Cry 1

Being the first of the series, Devil May Cry introduced a host of new elements to the gaming community. Chief among them is the Stylish Rank, which grades the player’s performance in combat. The game itself is split into Missions, which are individually scored according to various factors, such as Orbs gathered and damage taken.

Additionally, Devil May Cry did away with the pre-rendered backgrounds of prior Resident Evil games to allow for a dynamic camera system. Other innovations include the Devil Trigger, which increases Dante’s combat effectiveness; the Orb system, where killing enemies with a high style rank yields higher amounts of Orbs; and Red Orbs in general, which act as the game’s currency to buy abilities and items.

Devil May Cry 1


Devil May Cry begins when Dante is attacked in his office by a mysterious woman named Trish. He impresses her by easily brushing off her assault and tells her that he hunts demons while in pursuit of those who killed his mother and brother. She says her attack was a test, and that the demon emperor Mundus, whom Dante holds responsible for murdering his family, is planning to return. The scene jumps to their arrival at an immense castle, whereupon Trish abruptly leaps and vanishes over a high wall.

Dante explores the castle and encounters the game’s stock enemies, the demonic Marionettes. He also finds a new sword called Alastor and battles the first boss, a giant spider demon named Phantom. Dante wins the battle, but in what becomes a recurring theme, the defeated boss monster reappears a short time later in a corridor, impelling the player to choose a narrow escape or to fight in the tight confines. After further exploration and combat, Dante battles a demon named Nelo Angelo, who impresses Dante with his confidence.

Devil May Cry 1

The demon wins but suddenly flees upon seeing the half of an amulet Dante wears. The demon attacks two times more in later missions and is eventually revealed to be Dante’s identical twin brother, Vergil. After Vergil’s final defeat, his amulet joins with his brother’s half, and Force Edge, the game’s default sword which belonged to the twins’ father, becomes the powerful Sparda sword. When Dante next meets Trish, she betrays him and reveals that she too is working for Mundus. But when her life is endangered, Dante chooses to save her.

As Dante is talking to Trish about her resemblance to his mother, he asks her to stay where she was Yet when he finally confronts Mundus, who is about to kill Trish for his plan, Dante again chooses to save her and gets injured in the process. Mundus tries to finish him off, but Trish takes the attack instead. Dante becomes enraged and unleashes his full power, a power that was inherited by Sparda. In the cutscenes, the statue starts to crack as it glows to release inside of it, Mundus spreads his wings to shape the background into a dimension that he transports Dante into it.

Devil May Cry 1

Dante questions the reason for creating Trish while Mundus rhetorically answers that he could create anything, just like he created Trish for his plot to weaken Dante. With a mighty imperative word to silence the Demon Emperor, Mundus flies up to the clouds just to lure Dante. He transforms into Sparda´s form as the epic battle begins. Dante is victorious and leaves the amulet and sword with Trish’s immobile body before departing.

Later Mundus returns and corners Dante, who is now greatly weakened, before he can flee the island; but Trish comes in time and lends Dante her power. Dante defeats Mundus, who vows to return and rule the human world. When Trish tries to apologize she begins to cry, and Dante tells her it means she has become human and not just a devil, because “devils never cry”. Dante and Trish escape on a plane as the island collapses. After the credits, it is revealed that Dante and Trish are working together as partners, and have renamed the shop “Devil Never Cry”.

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