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Call of Chaos: Age of PK v1.3.06 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Premium Currency)

Call of Chaos: Age of PK MOD APK - where you try your hand at hunting unique monsters. Summon the most potent summoned beasts to fight endlessly in free battles. Collect the best items and join PVP.

App Name Call of Chaos: Age of PK
Latest Version 1.3.06
Required Android 7.1+
Downloads 10K+
File Size 113MB
MOD Info Mega Menu, Premium Currency
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MOD Info
  • Skill Delay;
  • No Mana Cost;
  • Gold Drop *100;
  • 100% Critical;
  • One Shot Monster;
  • MoveSpeed.
Don't abuse too much i don't know the Ban Rate!

Call of Chaos: Age of PK A role-playing game is storming called Call of Chaos. Players are allowed to enjoy hunting summoned beasts and accompanying them in tough battles. Must regularly practice and PK with many other players to confirm their outstanding progress. You have to figure out when to come up with unique moves and take down your enemies in the first place. Collect the best items; never stop equipping armor & weapons. Join many memorable PvP battles for the chance to unlock many valuable rewards.

Call of Chaos: Age of PK Call of Chaos: Age of PK


Call of Chaos brings a series of tough battles in many different spaces. As you open up dungeons and constantly fight fierce monsters, you will enjoy the unique pleasure of coming to this game. When hunting evil monsters of enormous size, the items you receive will be infrequent. Not only that, players are allowed to observe the brutal battles of other players. Admire their strength and intelligence as they defeat the bosses.

Call of Chaos: Age of PK Call of Chaos: Age of PK


No other action game gives you this game because it offers you a separate PvP system. A place full of experienced hunters, and you gather in one place and fight face to face. Compete directly with those mighty monster hunters for a chance to own rare items. When you win the opponent or vice versa, the winner has the right to claim to get other people’s items. All of the above matches are based on results to give the fairest fights.

Call of Chaos: Age of PK Call of Chaos: Age of PK


If you want to hunt many powerful monsters, you must develop and upgrade your skills. Thus, the opportunity to become the best monster hunter in Call of Chaos comes true. The player must decide on which item or combat skill to enhance. You have the right to upgrade them to a certain threshold, or when you find them no longer needed, you can destroy them. All elements of development provide an equitable outcome for all participants.

Call of Chaos: Age of PK Call of Chaos: Age of PK


You can rest assured that the hunting rate in this game is very fair. When you own a lot of monster tickets, you can buy rare items at a high rate. In addition, when you exchange gold turns or directly perform imitation hunting missions in battles, you can receive very high cashback. Every time players conquer challenging dungeons or complete magic books and download maps successfully, players will receive bonuses.

Call of Chaos: Age of PK Call of Chaos: Age of PK


In addition to weapons or armor, summoned beasts are also an essential part of Call of Chaos. Collect magical dolls during battle, using unique items to nurture them. They will probably be developed and have a much stronger fighting ability by a specific time. Depending on the time you let the summoned beast evolve, it will receive other strengths and combat skills. Do not hesitate to combine power with them to create the most potent attacks.

Call of Chaos: Age of PK Call of Chaos: Age of PK


Indispensable during the journey to conquer the ferocious monsters in Call of Chaos is probably your fighting skills. Once you have a skill book, observe and learn unique moves from them. The remarkable thing about this game is that you can freely apply your favorite skills based on that book. Continue to evolve them to a certain threshold to take down enemies quickly.

Call of Chaos: Age of PK Call of Chaos: Age of PK


  • Join the battles in the vast spaces as players open dungeons & win rewards for defeating monsters.
  • The PvP system offers direct confrontations between other hunters and exchanges for items if the opponent is better than that person.
  • Upgrade your battle systems & everything you own for a chance to level with many other skilled hunters.
  • The game offers a compensation system with monster tickets & gold refunds along with rewards for conquering challenges.
  • Enhance your moves and skills with the skill book, and apply & upgrade any of your favorite skills for battle.
  • Join the hunting competition with 200 other powerful opponents; you can win many rewards based on rank when hunting in the dungeon.

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