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Alien: Blackout v2.0.1 APK + OBB (MOD, Endless Energy)

Alien: Blackout MOD APK - With all his intelligence and tactics to escape the monsters when trapped on the spaceship in Alien: Blackout. Participants will experience breathtakingly dramatic matches when trying to escape the hunts of violent enemies.

App Name Alien: Blackout
Latest Version 2.0.1
Required Android 4.3
Downloads 500K+
File Size 247MB
MOD Info Endless Energy
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With all his intelligence and tactics to escape the monsters when trapped on the spaceship in Alien: Blackout. Participants will experience breathtakingly dramatic matches when trying to escape the hunts of violent enemies. The space station named Weyland-Yutani is the hiding place of a series of scary youkai, typically the appearance of Xenomorphs. Users will have to make bold choices while overcoming the extremely thrilling missions that the game offers.

Alien: Blackout


As a unique horror action game, starting from the Alien context has made players afraid of the level of horror that the game brings. When starting to participate, players will appear in an extremely dark and scary space station. At the same time, facing the player is the legendary space monster with immense power.

The destructive power of this monster requires the player always to stay calm and have a cool head. However, for those who are passionate about the high-end action horror genre, this is a great experience. When lost on the Weyland-Yutani space station, players will have to find a way to escape from here and avoid the chase of monsters. It will not be lonely when participants overcome this difficult challenge with their teammates. Participants teams will create long-term plans and support each other whenever team members are in danger.

Alien: Blackout


Throughout the race with death, players are constantly running away from the fear of powerful monsters. It can be said that the monsters portrayed by the game never tire and race with participants throughout the journey to perform the task. When facing danger, what players need to deal with is to make vital decisions. Participants will have to choose to sacrifice one of their team members to ensure the safety of the rest. Based on the control devices still available on the ship, players will easily overcome the challenges. In addition to strength, players need to equip themselves with extremely meticulous observation skills because monsters will always appear as unexpectedly as possible. Monsters appear everywhere inside the spaceship, maybe in front of you or suddenly standing behind you to attack.

Alien: Blackout


Alien brings extremely unexpected and unique experiences to participants. To become the winner and get rid of the ferocious monsters, the player will have to pass the 7 levels that the game brings. Each level in the game will bring participants different monsters that are both scary and attractive. For the levels near the end of the game, the strength and horror of the monsters increase. The game requires participants to be very calm and face any situation.

Players can use weapons that they collect during the game to fight those monsters. In all decisions, participants need to be sure and decisive; otherwise, the consequences will affect teammates who are also lost on board. Any mistake in each decision will affect the life of the character itself and the whole team’s achievement.

Alien: Blackout


To complete missions in Alien, players need to observe and take advantage of the features available on the spaceship that they are lost in. Participants can rely on the camera to observe the appearance and movement of the monsters.

Through the images provided, players can create their own tactics to defeat the monsters with extremely terrible power. In addition, players are also provided with a map of the system of areas on the ship, from which it is easy to contact teammates and help their teammates when needed. Through walkie-talkies, players and teammates can exchange information and create reasonable and effective strategies. The spaceship also brings a warning sound system to help players identify dangerous areas.

With the investment in building a monumental spaceship, the game brings the most authentic feeling to the participants when experiencing it. Mixed with dramatic and attractive chases from monsters, players will be delighted because of the horror element that the game brings. Transform into a strong and intelligent female character who makes plans to become a winner. Constantly overcome fear when standing in front of a series of big monsters to save the lives of teammates. Alien promises to bring participants the most vivid and unique horror action game experience.

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